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Embedding a Culture of Wellbeing, Connection and Inclusion through the practice of earth mindfulness and reciprocity

Wayapa Wuurrk Vision

Wayapa facilitates opportunities to mindfully re-connect to our natural environment, our Mother Earth. 

All of our ancestors once lived in harmony with the natural elements on earth. Over time much of this ancient wisdom has been lost or forgotten in the modern world. Wayapa wakes up and ignites our inner custodial responsibility and sense of belonging that flows in all of us, passed down from our heritage lines. 

Wayapa Wuurrk was created to change thinking around how we view the idea of what it means to be well, nurturing the development of holistic wellbeing and sustainable behaviour. This philosophy acknowledges and honours the fundamental Australian Indigenous principle of ‘Caring for Country’. In other-words, to foster a deeper understanding and responsibility to sustainably connect with and care for, the earth, across the lands, waters, air spaces as well as all beings between.

Wayapa is more than just a practice, it is a way of being. To respectfully & authentically embed ancient ways of knowing, being and doing personally and collectively. To ultimately reconnect to country, to reconnect back to Mother Earth.

Wayapa is an internationally-accredited and trademarked earth connection wellness modality based on ancient Indigenous wisdom and taking care of the environment as the starting point for wellbeing.

Wayapa is about understanding and honouring the ancient wisdom of interdependence through mindful movement and meditation.

In partnership with children and families, we can intentionally facilitate earth mindfulness and holistic wellbeing, helping to build and embed a culture of care within educational settings.

Wayapa is globally trademarked & certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. It combines:

  • earth mindfulness
  • narrative meditation
  • storytelling
  • a physical sequence of 14 Wayapa Element movements
  • taking action to look after the environment

…promoting environmental sustainability and faciliating EARTH, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT wellbeing

If Mother Earth is not well, then we cannot be well now and for future generations.

“I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of the First Peoples, it is my responsibility to share my connection to this Earth and teach others how to respect and care for her, to heal her and let her heal us. So that is why I created Wayapa.”

~ Jamie Marloo Thomas

Wayapa Wuurrk Educational Aims

The aim of the Wayapa Educational Framework is to provide a shared vision, common language and pedagogical guidance to educational professionals for collaboration with Wayapa practitioners. 

In partnership with children and families, we can intentionally facilitate earth mindfulness and holistic wellbeing, helping to build and embed a culture of care within educational settings.

Wayapa in Education aims to empower educators to embody, reconnect and reflect on their own understandings of cultural connections and cultivate their cultural responsiveness, authentic reconciliation steps and evaluate implicit bias. Increasing their capacity to authentically nurture an inclusive learning environment as an act of acknowledging and addressing diversity and difference.

Wayapa Early Years Learning (EYL)
Education Program

The Wayapa Wuurrk Early Years Education Program is a strength based, multi-layered approach that aims to increase a service’s capacity in cultivating meaningful pathways that facilitate embedded practices of wellbeing, connection and inclusion for all staff, children and families/carers.

Within education, Wayapa provides a springboarding platform for a variety of learning experiences and holistic wellbeing opportunities. 

Wayapa provides an authentic framework for:

  • Holistic Wellbeing
  • Earth Connection
  • Inclusion
  • Reconciliation
  • Sustainability
  • Cultural Connection

School Readiness Funding Menu Provider

Wayapa Wuurrk is an approved provider on the School Readiness Funding Menu from 2022.

School Readiness Funding is a Victorian Government needs-based funding initiative which aims for an more equitable way to enhance children’s learning and developmental outcomes for communities. Services delivering Kindergarten programs are allocated funding to obtain high-quality resources from a menu of evidence-informed programs and supports (the menu). Programs listed on the menu directly support children’s learning and development in at least one of the three School Readiness Funding priority areas:

Click HERE to view more information about the menu, and a full list of the current programs and supports.

Discover how Wayapa can best suit your curriculum needs

Our new Wayapa Education Program has been developed by First Nations Education Specialists to meet the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum Framework.

Our aim is to provide strengths-based, easily accessible curriculum solutions for your early years education service and educators to embed wellbeing, inclusivity and cultural connectedness in your children.

Contact us today to learn more about the multiple options we offer to suit every budget and time investment.

Wayapa Agents Of Change

Viewing children as agents capable of being active participants and enacting change in their world is integral to the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework and the approved learning frameworks.

Children’s rich potential as active agents of change for their environment is integral to 2018 NQS Element 3.2.3 – The service cares for the environment and supports children to become environmentally responsible.


What People Say About Wayapa

"Thank you so very much for your wonderful and inspiring presentation it was such a joy to be part of it. At this time of year in particular it was such a gift to remind ourselves of being present and respecting our lands, animals and mother earth.    It was a perfect presentation and we are ever so grateful  for the knowledge of Wayapa that you shared with us"
"We enjoyed a purposeful and insightful incursion called ‘Wayapa’ this morning at Kids World!

Wayapa is a form of meditation and mindfulness that indigenous cultures use to connect the earth to the spirit.

Our children will be lucky enough to explore this amazing experience weekly for the next couple of months!"
Kids World Geelong
"Thank you, Kristina, for such a memorable and motivating workshop.  It was clearly evident that you had spent some time to get to know us as an audience beforehand, and that you tailored the content accordingly. The session was varied in its content and delivery, and included different techniques that we can use to help us envision what the material might look like from a child’s perspective. 

Your techniques mirrored the philosophy of Wayapa, by connecting through storytelling, wellbeing, our surroundings, community, movement and much more.  I left your session inspired, with new knowledge to explore these new learning methods, and look forward to using this experience to continue developing my growth mindset. 

Once again, thank you."
Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten

Being the Wayapa Way

Being the ‘Wayapa Way’ is evident in the children’s ability to:

Make authentic connections with their natural environment through adult modelling from those around them

Understand, observe and appreciate the natural rhythms and seasonal cycles of the world around them

Develop dispositions that are ethically responsible, optimistic and caring.

Acknowledge connections to the elements with personal culture and stories

Understand what wellbeing is and how environmental wellbeing is related to their personal wellbeing

frequently asked questions


We understand each educational service is unique in their needs and we aim to accommodate and provide flexibility in the way we personalise delivery of the program.  Program delivery is coordinated between Wayapa Wuurrk, the Wayapa Practitioner/s and the Service so we schedule events based on availability, however weekend delivery is possible.  In fact, we will be scheduling several online PD workshops throughout 2022 which will include both weekday and Saturday morning options.  Let us know what timing best suits your Service so we can plan accordingly.

The 3hr Professional Development Workshop includes a downloadable Reflection Workbook, and the Action Research & Mentoring Project comes with the following downloadable items:

  • Reflection Workbook
  • 16 Lesson Learning & Teaching Unit Plan
  • Implementation Guide with Lesson PowerPoints

Additionally, we will have a range of additional resources available for purchasing in early 2022.  We look forward to sharing these with you soon.

The 75-minute Introduction Workshop provides foundational understanding of Wayapa as an Earth Connection Practice and a way of being.  It covers the background, benefits, and speaks to the 14 Elements of Nature that underpin both practice and philosophy. 

Some Indigenous Wisdom concepts are highlighted as the audience is encouraged to reflect on their own personal stories and the movement embodiment practice is shared as a group.  The session touches on the linkages to Curriculum framework and how Wayapa is a pathway for Wellbeing, Inclusion and Sustainability for all; Educators, children and their families and the communities we live in.

The 3-hour workshop builds upon the foundational understanding of Wayapa and explores Wellbeing on a personal level and in the context of a Child’s developmental learning journey.  In an unprecedented time of increased Educator overwhelm and stress, this workshop highlights the importance of embodying Wayapa from a personal standpoint so the cascading impact within the classroom becomes an authentic journey shared by both student and teacher.  Connections to Educational Frameworks are further unpacked and mind/body benefits, Cultural Competency are further explored with some reflection for Reconciliation perspectives.

This workshop supports a greater understanding of Wayapa but both workshops seek to capture the hearts of Educators so that the personal and collective journey towards well-being becomes a natural and fun exploration.  Starting with our shared responsibility in caring for Mother Earth, we too, benefit in coming together to appreciate our unique qualities and the power of unity.

Fear not, it does not matter whether you start with the 75 minute or the 3-hour Workshop.  If you fall in love with Wayapa, as we know you will, and would like further exploration for your Educators, we will work with you to build upon each workshop to support your journey towards authentically embedding this beautiful philosophy within your learning community. 

We appreciate the logistical challenges and budget constraints that EYL Services navigate daily.  So, we will work with each Service to personalise the Children’s sessions so that each incursion experience is meaningful for both Children and Educators.

We firmly believe that our Professional Development workshops are essential components in embedding Wayapa within Educational settings.  Our vision for Children and our future generations, heavily relies on the capacity of Educators and their ability to self-regulate, model accordingly and cultivate meaningful learning opportunities.  So, our approach begins with Educator Wellbeing and we seek to support this process by simplifying concepts, creating linkages to existing practices and encouraging respectful professional conversations.

In saying that, we do understand budget and time constraints play a part in the way a Service looks for best value and outcome in their planning.  We encourage each Service to consider the Introductory Workshop to provide better context to Educators and understanding the concepts explored with the Children via the incursions. 

Our Wayapa in Education Program options are specifically designed to support Educators to be Wayapa Wellbeing Weavers, to weave the knowledge learnt into the practices and culture of the service while also supporting the children to be Wayapa Wellbeing Warriors.

Our Wayapa Education Practitioners add another layer of support to the Weavers and Warriors by providing their accredited specialist training including the sharing of the Wayapa Embodiment Practice.

The Wayapa Wuurrk embodiment practice can only be shared by an accredited practitioner as they have the required training and insurance in place to do so. 

However, as an Educator, there are various ways you will be able to weave in expressive movement activities with the elements and work with a Wayapa Education Practitioner to visit for embodiment practices.

We do encourage Educators to become accredited Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioners.

Please click here for more details.

Become a Certified Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner

This unique training experience will empower you to grow a thriving practice around helping people heal, find their purpose and care for the planet. 

When you successfully complete this 7-day live, accredited training, you will become a certified Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner fully prepared to deliver a one hour to a full day workshop, weekly sessions and/or 4 to 16-week courses on your own.