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We are living in a time of much change, but what never changes is our need for connection.

We are now sharing a weekly, free, 30mins Wayapa Words Webinar every Thursday at 7.30pm AEST. So if you are seeking deeper connection to the Earth, your purpose and a like-minded village, click on the button below to sign up to receive a Zoom link for the webinar.

We walk in the footsteps of a thousand generations…what sort of world are we leaving for the next generations?

Aboriginal people have always known that the earth does not belong to us, we belong to it… we need to re-balance this world by connecting back into it so that we can energise it and in return, it will energise and sustain us.

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self

Welcome to Wayapa® Wuurrk!

Wayapa®  is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Living in harmony with their environment is what sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be one of the world’s oldest, continuous living culture – for over 100,000 years!

Today, for most of us, we have become disconnected from our environment, from our tribe, from our food and from our Spirit. Through a combination of Earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, a series of physical movements and taking action to look after the planet, Wayapa® provides a sense of belonging to the Earth while creating holistic well-being.

Wayapa® is about creating a different lifestyle but for those just starting, it can be done as a 25 minute physical practice, sitting or standing, or as a narrative meditation to slow us right down to sit in the stillness of nature.

You can choose from a range of Wayapa® Workshops delivered within Melbourne, in Victoria or throughout Australia by accredited Wayapa Practitioners.

Or become an Accredited Wayapa® Practitioner and help spread the Wayapa® message of healing the planet by reconnecting people to Mother Earth.

Wayapa® Workshops

Wayapa® is for everyone – for all ages and capacities; for corporates to kids to anyone interested in developing deeper connections in their life….Wayapa is about creating a lifestyle of Earth Mind Body Spirit Well-being for yourself and the next 7 generations.

Wayapa® provides a powerful template to understanding our purpose and place in the world based on ancient Indigenous wisdom. 

Wayapa® Workshops can be delivered throughout Australia by accredited Wayapa Practitioners – choose a workshop that’s perfect for you or we will tailor one to suit your needs.

Wayapa® Practitioner Diploma Course

It has been 100,000 years in the making to create an Accredited Diploma Course that combines ancient Indigenous knowledge and concepts into a modern-day Practice that will ReConnect people back into the Earth, to heal the planet and in doing so, heal themselves and others.

And YOU can be one of the very first Practitioners to be trained to deliver Wayapa®!

Wayapa® isn’t just a certified Wellness Modality that people can practice once a day, Wayapa® is a Lifestyle. It is about developing a relationship with nature to create Earth Mind Body Spirit benefits to keep the planet and us Well and Healthy.

How do we know this works? Because it is based on the ancient knowledge of the world’s oldest living people!

It is time for us to join together to spread the message of how to be Wayapa®!

This was the most fulfilling course I ever completed!

As a non-Indigenous Australian, I had always wanted to learn more about the culture and ways of life of the First Peoples of this land. More specifically, I wanted to know more about how the Traditional Custodians of our land lived in harmony with it.

This course provided all that information and more. It instilled in me the wisdom of how to take care of Mother Nature, while also taking care of ourselves. Furthermore, it gave me the skills to go out and teach this to others.

Wayapa® is a new way of life for me and I can’t wait to start helping others understand how amazing it is!

Dr Madhi Mason

If you’ve been looking for a practical, physical way to connect with the Earth AND your soul, then look no further. Jamie Marloo Thomas has created it.

Before I attended the Wayapa® Soul Retreat I’d practiced yoga and often wondered if there was an Australian equivalent. What I learned was a series of movement that has me remember and respect everything that sustains my life – daily (and in a way that helps me remember my quadriceps too!).

The chance to listen to Jamie’s beautiful song whilst learning the significance of each sequence invokes a sensorial experience of the sacred that is hard to fully express in words. There is so much wisdom that the world’s oldest living culture has to share. Thankfully, Jamie is here to not only share it, but make it accessible and personally transformative no matter who you are, where you come from or what you know about Indigenous culture.

Thank you Jamie and Sara for an unforgettable experience.

Kate Erlenbusch, WordLoveByKate

“I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of the Original Peoples, it is my responsibility to share my connection to this Country and teach others how to respect and care for it, to heal it and let it heal us. So that is why I created Wayapa®.”
– Jamie Marloo Thomas

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What People Say

We recently took our first step towards bringing Wayapa® to our studio, attending an introductory workshop at the Wellwood Centre.

Wayapa® is a new movement modality based on Australian indigenous knowledge, and combines mindfulness, visualisation, narrative meditation, dance and ceremony in a unique sequence of movement.

A big thank you to Jamie and Sara for a moving and inspiring workshop, and we’re super excited about learning more from you.

Belinda Brown, The Little Engine Craft & Wellbeing Studio

It’s been a few weeks now since our team building day. There has been a great deal of refection from our Wayapa experience. I would like to thank you once again for sharing the Wayapa experience with the Wanjana Lidj team, it was wonderful, insightful and enlightening.

Many of the team has reflected on and implemented changes to their daily lives, small or big to improve their footprints on the earth. Some team members have purchased reusable drink bottles and coffee cups including straws.

Others have taken on being more mindful about connectedness and inclusiveness.

I aim to encourage our management to allow us to seek further Wayapa experiences in the future.

Jenny Moloney – Practice Leader

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