In 2013, Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones founded the Aboriginal startup Wayapa® Wuurrk P/L, which translated means “Connect Country” in the language of the Gunditjmara & Gunnai Peoples respectively, to provide ReConnection programs based on a contemporary version of traditional culture and knowledge – Respecting Country, Culture and Community.

In 2015, the Wayapa® Wuurrk Aboriginal Wellness Foundation Ltd (WWAWFL) was established to deliver the not-for-profit work of Wayapa® Wuurrk P/L. The Foundation’s Programs are preventative, long-term and community-driven, focusing on holistic wellbeing and cultural strengthening.

The Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profit Commission.

The long term vision of Wayapa® Wuurrk P/L is to financially support the Programs delivered by the Foundation so that it is not reliant on seeking government funding. So when you book a Wayapa® Workshop or make a purchase from our shop, it is helping to support the work of our Foundation.

Jamie Marloo Thomas

Jamie Marloo Thomas is a respected Senior Cultural Knowledge Holder for his Peek Whurrung Gunditjmara and Gunnai Communities. He understands the pain of disconnection from culture, which is why he has devoted the last 25 years to culturally mentoring young men. As the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Wayapa® Wuurrk, he delivers wellness programs based on ancient Indigenous Knowledge of Taking Care of Country, Respect, Accountability and Responsibility.

Combining 25 years of vast professional experience in Men’s Health, Well-being, Drug and Alcohol Support, Family Violence Prevention, Indigenous Youth, Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Remains Repatriation, with his personal connection practice rooted in Aboriginal Dance and Ceremony, Jamie created Wayapa® in consultation with Elders and Community.

Ultimately Jamie’s work is about helping people reconnect to Earth, Spirit and their true Self, so they can experience the wellness secrets that the First Australians enjoyed for 80,000 years.

Sara Jones

Sara Jones wants to live in a world where Indigenous Knowledge is rightfully respected.

Having worked within the Indigenous Community for over a decade, Sara believes life could be so much better, if only we listened to the wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture. As the co-founder of Wayapa® Wuurrk, which delivers wellness programs based on ancient Indigenous Knowledge of Respect, Accountability and Responsibility. Bringing an acute understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture, Sara’s experience spans employment, training and mentoring, tourism, culture and art servicing the Indigenous community. Sara combines her experience in this sector, with her studies in Energy Healing and Metaphysics. She has experienced the deep healing affects of Wayapa® personally and in the students of Wayapa®; regardless of cultural background.

Together with her partner Jamie Marloo Thomas, Sara is passionate about breaking stereotypes and restoring connection within and between people, the Earth and Spirit.

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self