Wayapa® is an exciting, new Aboriginal Wellness & Earth Connection Practice based on a deep connection to the Earth and Spirit that has been 80,000 years plus in the making.

Wayapa® teaches participants what Aboriginal people have known since time immemorial – the importance of connecting to the Earth which then connects one to their Spirit and then to Self.

“Aboriginal people have always known that the earth does not belong to us, we belong to it…we need to re-balance this world by connecting back into it so that we can energise it and in return, it will energise and sustain us.”

Through Aboriginal eyes, Wayapa® takes participants on a journey through mindfulness, song, traditional movement, visualisation, breathing and meditation of how the earth, spiritual ancestors and life was created; how the earth breathes; and how we belong to it rather than it belonging to us.

It is a cultural journey of ancient knowledge that has not previously been shared to create emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. As the world’s oldest living culture, Aboriginal people have long been practicing mindfulness, deep listening and respecting and responding to the land’s vibration.

Wayapa® is made up of a series of 14 elements that pays respect to the Creator, to the spiritual ancestors, to nature’s elements, to the trees and plants, to the animals and to what life would have been like 60,000 years ago for Aboriginal people, living in harmony and sustainably with the land.

Wayapa® has been developed by Jamie Marloo Thomas over the past two decades as a result of the cultural knowledge he has sought from his Elders and his spiritual ancestors as well as through teaching Traditional Victorian Dance styles.

Wayapa® is for everyone – Indigenous & non-Indigenous people of all ages and physical abilities.