Foundation Vision

Seeding wellness through connection to earth, self and community

Wellness is a state of harmony – harmony with oneself and others, earth, nature, and the environment.

Wellness is about a strong purpose, sense of belonging and place.

Wayapa® Wuurrk Aboriginal Wellness Foundation promotes Re-Connection to ancient Aboriginal knowledge and culture in a present day context as a pathway to re-gaining wellness – inner peace, strength and greatly improved well-being.

Wayapa® Wuurrk Aboriginal Wellness Foundation supports the delivery of Traditional Cultural Community Structures and Mentoring programs that help young men stay connected to Culture & Country as they move into adulthood, with the support of Elders and Mentors. The Foundation also delivers cultural strengthening and mentoring programs for Aboriginal Men, Women and Children.

Programs teach participants about Cultural Respect, Accountability and Responsibility with a strong No to Violence message.

Our Wayapa® Workshops serve to financially support the work of the Foundation.

When you learn Wayapa® through one of our individual, community or corporate trainings, you are not just receiving a powerful way to heal yourself. You are supporting the work that heals communities and prevents violence.

For more information on our cultural mentoring programs, please read our Mentoring page.

Foundation Governance

The Wayapa® Wuurrk Aboriginal Wellness Foundation Ltd is a registered charity with the Australian Charity & Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). Good governance and transparency is very important to the Foundation’s Directors. Please find below, Annual Reports of the Foundation’s work. These reports are also available on the ACNC Registry.

2016 Annual Report