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Thank you to Lowell Hunter for the use of his beautiful imagery. Check out more of his work at Joora Diji Photography.

Thank you to Tiffany Garvie for the use of her mesmerising imagery – check out more of her work @ T J Garvie.

Thank you to Timmy Church for the use of his amazing photo – check out more of Tim’s work @ TimmyChurchFilms.

We proudly partner with Wangal United Aboriginal Corporation, a great community organisation in the West Metro Area. Check out their Facebook page.

We are proud to partner with the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre (WACC) to run our cultural mentoring programs. Learn more about the WACC on their Facebook Page.

We look forward to running cultural programs in the very near future. To find out more about Kirrip check out their Facebook Page.

Thank you to the Victorian State Government Department of Health & Human Services for supporting our Traditional Cultural Mentoring Programs including:

  • Meerreeng Warran Warran
  • Albion & Melton Warran Warran Maar

Thank you also to the Department of Justice for supporting the Wyndham Warran Warran Maar Program.

Thank you to Wyndham City for supporting the Wyndham Warran Warran Maar Program through their Community Strengthening Grants.

We are very grateful to Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) for their ongoing support and auspicing.

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