Announcing new funding for Scholarships

We’re so excited to be announcing that Alana Marsh from alalouie has successfully secured funding for 3 x Wayapa Practitioner Diplomas which means there are 30 x scholarships available for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people living within Victoria.

The Self Determination & Cultural Strengthening Scholarships are a legacy response to COVID19 enabled by the State Government of Victoria.

These diplomas will be run via Zoom by Wayapa Trainer Alana Marsh and Wayapa Wuurrk Co-Creators Jamie & Sara. Each diploma will have a maximum of 10 x scholarship participants.

The diploma dates are:

26th June to 3rd July
26th July to 1st August
9th August to 15th August

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Victoria are invited to express interest in becoming a Wayapa practitioner by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) below.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for this life changing opportunity, please complete the EOI form below by 15 May.

Any queries about these diplomas or the scholarships can be emailed to alalouie at

Wayapa Wuurrk Expression of Interest (EOI)

Self Determination and Cultural Strengthening
A legacy response to Covid 19 enabled by the State Government, Victoria

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions before completing. Diplomas go for 7 days from 26 June, 26 July and 9 August 2021 on Zoom. Full participation required for selection. You need to be available between 10 am to 5 pm during your diploma.

  • 1. About You

  • 2. Capacity

  • 3. Wayapa can enrich all areas of your life.

    These scholarship opportunities are prioritised for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians wanting to start or grow their culturally informed, self determining business or offering to the world.
  • There are three diploma dates in 2021 available through this opportunity. If you are flexible with your availability that is valued. You will have a minimum of 4 weeks notice to negotiate your availability with work/caring/other.
  • Otherwise, indicate your preference against the following 3 weeks ( type in 1, 2, 3 against the date). You are not guaranteed your preference, however every attempt will be made to offer you what works best for you if successful.
  • Submitting is considered to be your signature and you are stating that the information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

    All applicants will be notified by 21 May 2021. Applications close 15 May 2021.

Terms and Conditions


Please read before returning an EOI

1. Only applications submitted before 15 May 2021 will be considered.

2. Only Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Victorians currently residing in what we now know as Victoria are eligible.

3. A mix of ages, a geographic spread across Victoria as well as gender will be taken into account when allocating these opportunities.

4. Applications will be independently assessed by a panel of Aboriginal Victorians that are not directly connected to Wayapa Wuurrk or alalouie.

5. However, the final determination of eligibility sits with alalouie and Wayapa Wuurrk, informed by the selections of the panel.

6. Applications can only be received via this EOI. Please complete this form before 15 May 2021.

7. Your return of the application is deemed to hold the same legal weight as a signature. Submitting means it is complete and truthful at the time of being returned.

8. This opportunity is made available by the Victorian Government, as a Cultural Strengthening and Self Determination response to Covid-19.

9. Business support will be negotiated with interested practitioners upon completion of their diploma.

10. Three potential times to complete the diploma are available. Diploma’s require a full seven day commitment and start on 26 June, 26 July and 9 August 2021 and run from 10am to 5pm each day.

11. A waiting list will be created. If unsuccessful you will be asked if you would like to be placed on the wait list in case of selected participant inability to attend.

On behalf of our Collective Mother: Mother Earth – Good Luck and Thank You

“I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of the First Peoples, it is my responsibility to share my connection to this Earth and teach others how to respect and care for it, to heal it and let it heal us. So that is why I created Wayapa.”

~ Jamie Marloo Thomas