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Are you looking for a Wayapa® class or workshop in your local area?

There are currently 56 accredited Wayapa® Practitioners throughout Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

This is a Directory for the Wayapa® Practitioners (aka Wayapa® Wuurrkers) who are currently offering a variety of Wayapa® Workshops, 6-8 Week Courses and regular classes in their local areas.

All of our deadly Wayapa® Wuurrkers have:

  • Received a Diploma Qualification from us;
  • Have been licensed by us;
  • Must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct; and
  • Have their own insurance in place.


Alana Marsh

Website:  www.alalouie.net.au
Location: Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs


I was privileged to be part of the first group of Wayapa® Wuurrkers that Jamie and Sara unfurled into the world. They were perfectly prepared for our group; sharing cultural, professional and Wayapa® guidance with each session delivery.

I felt confident, excited and inspired throughout the process as they took care of us. I strongly feel their success is our success and vice versa, so it was the perfect learning environment. To top it off Jamie makes great power balls! So we were all blessed with the content, support, venue choice, cultural insights, cultural care and most importantly an authentic manifestation and recognition that we are all Indigenous to the planet. I also enjoyed getting to know the group, a diverse group of individuals, all united with a shared commitment to the Earth!

Highly recommended!

Allara Pattison, Nyini Woka

Email: info.nyiniwoka@gmail.com
Phone: 0402047897


Stumbling across Wayapa® was an exciting surprise. It is everything I’ve been talking about for the last few years.

I’m passionate about taking care of our land and encouraging other people to do the same, but for some people who are disconnected to nature, reconnecting them is the first priority, as well as everyone’s birthright. Wayapa® allows me to share connection and protection of nature while also giving me the to opportunity to connect more with my own Aboriginal Yorta Yorta heritage while sharing aboriginal concepts of caring for nature with a wider community.

Jamie and Sara’s Wayapa® Wuurrk Diploma course, left me feeling well prepared to share this practice with as many people as I can, all the while feeling extremely grounded and relaxed.

Chláir Weightman

Website: www.wellselves.com.au
Phone: 0412 667 636
Location: Essendon North, Melbourne


Being a clinical psychologist and mental health professional for over two and a half decades, I’d learned many healing, cultural and treatment modalities. While community-networked, directly supporting individuals professionally, something inexplicably bigger, had felt lacking. In Jamie’s beautiful country connections and stories, internal missing links emerged. A spirit of strong physical and emotional strength grew, in learning to practice the Wayapa® life and earth connection.

Tapping into my own deep Irish lineage origins, guided by Jamie and Sara, I also found remarkable overlaps in all indigenous land, earth, water, animal and sky stories. Stunning bridges emerged in sharing ancient human Aboriginal Australian and Gael cultures.

These deepened my own intergenerational connections, with pre-historic Druidic tales, French cave painting rituals, Celtic legends and other older, European nature traditions. Ways all people with long family origins on land, once supported positive culture and all life, based in respect, were affirmed. Through Wayapa® Wuurrk, I re-connected with nature and country and self-connected, with our truest, common human life necessities.

Exploring my own Wayapa® with Jamie and Sara, was life uplifting and personal path re-affirming. I completely recommend the course to anyone looking to raise their own health, body and spirit, get closer to the natural world and more humbly embrace their personal and collective humanity.

Rowena Price

Facebook: Tunapri Connections
Email: tunapriconnections@outlook.com
Phone: 0457 313 522


My name’s Rowena Price and I’m a Yorta Yorta/Palawa woman.

Originally from Swan Hill, I have lived and worked in the Western suburbs of Melbourne since
2009. I’m a mum and a step mum to two amazing kids.

Over the years, for various reasons, I had become completely disconnected to
myself, country, culture and community. Both my mental and physical health were
in very bad shape. Wayapa® has provided me with a holistic way of healing. It is
both simple and yet quite complex in its teachings and message.

Every time I deliver a workshop I am in awe of the learning I also receive from the
participants. I absolutely love being part of the Wayapa® family.

Steph May

Website: www.stephmay.com.au
Email: stephjmay@gmail.com
Phone: 0419 527 255.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria


I was introduced to Wayapa® last year and it made complete sense to me that we are guided by 60,000+ years of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in taking care of the Earth and ultimately ourselves! I was lucky to be part of the first cohort of Practitioners certified through the Diploma course. Wayapa® speaks to me particularly in regards to us all being ”Indigenous to the planet”. I find this welcoming, uplifting, and generates for me a sense of togetherness and inter-connectivity that is key for us to be successful in looking after our beautiful planet and our collective and individual health and well-being.

I’m a non-Aboriginal person and my heritage is English. My family has been in Australia for a number of generations however every generation has also included migrants. I reflect on this in my Wayapa® practice and the difference in how my own family has responded to our unique landscape in Southern Australia from finding it foreign and something to struggle with, to shifting to a much more harmonious approach to living with our environment. I am a mother and Wayapa® also helps me reflect on how I’m raising my children and the kind of role model I am.

I’m really thankful that Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones have developed Wayapa® and are offering us the opportunity to share it more broadly. What a great opportunity it provides us!

Wendy Mayne

Email: wendy.j.mayne@hotmail.com 

Wendy is continuing to develop her Wayapa® practice with friends and through learning about the knowledge that has kept Aboriginal people well and strong or thousands of generations. She hopes to share her practice more broadly later in the year.

Sonia Rowe

Grounded Mind Reconnection Therapies
Email: soniarowe1@gmail.com
Phone: 0447 984 315
Location: Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas but willing to travel.

Steve Ulula Parker

Millowl Dreaming
Email: steveululaparker@yahoo.com.au
Phone: 0400 961 811
Location: Phillip Island & Bass Coast Region


Steve Parker, a BoonWurrung and Torres Strait Islander man, runs his own small business, Millowl Dreaming on Phillip Island and around the Bass Coast region. Millowl Dreaming delivers Wayapa® Workshops within the prison system as well as to local government, corporates and schools. Steve also incorporates Wayapa® into his cultural tours of the area and into all of the Welcome to Country and smoking ceremonies he does honouring the Ancestors. Millowl Dreaming also delivers Cultural Awareness Training.

Lee Ann Couch

L.A. Couch Health & Wellness
Phone: 0400 319 202
Location: Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs


Hi my name is Lee Couch l am a Personal & Spiritual Development Facilitator with 10 years experience in Holistic Therapies and a certified and accredited Wayapa® Practitioner. l have a unique holistic approach to healing that goes far beyond the mind & body connection of finding and maintaining wellness, overall wellness and wholeness is valued. All parts of a person’s life are considered.

My service offers clients a loving and supportive approach to facilitate and inspire change in their life and provides many effective ways to encourage this change using a variety of skills.

l am a qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, Access Bars Practitioner & Wayapa® Practitioner. The benefits of having diverse skills allows me to work uniquely with client’s needs and wants. The foundation of my business comes from my own healing journey and spirituality inspired from my lndigenous heritage, honoring her elders, grandmother and mum. l am a proud Aboriginal women from Gomilaroi Tribe, also known as Kamilaroi .

Contact Lee to find out more about her 6 Week Wayapa® Course and Introductory Wayapa® Workshops.

Jules Sunflower

Phone: 0420 228 542
Email: jules.sunflower@gmail.com
Location: Melbourne


I deliver Wayapa Wellness workshops Earth connection practice for youth, middle
age groups, high schools, University students, planning days and organisations.

My desire is to bring you a way of holistic wellbeing so you can gain greater
connection and productivity in life. Wayapa focuses on healing the planet as the
starting point for healing ourselves.

When I experienced my first Wayapa® Wellness workshop, it resonated so much
with me and my love and passion of the earth, people, wellness and desire to make
a difference, I completed my Wayapa Practitioners Diploma with the founders Jamie
Thomas and Sara Jones who had authentically formulated “ Wayapa Wuurrk ”.

I am an ambassador for global change; I am excited and passionate to share
Wayapa, earth mindfulness, narrative meditation and physical movement.
I grew up in Aotearoa New Zealand, with a farming and nursing connection, I have
continued exploring holistic wellbeing. I have been working with asylum seekers and
refugees for many years and have adopted a style of working with others to provide
support and wellbeing. My skills lay in incidental counselling, psychological health,
social connection and Australian cultural competency, shared with the opportunities
of facilitating Indigenous yarning circles.

I m excited to bring Wayapa to you through sharing workshops as an introductory,
half day or a 6 week course of connectivity, understandings reverencing the 14
elements and movement practice.

We all walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors who at one stage all lived in harmony
with their environment? What footprint will you leave on this planet for your friends,
children, grandchildren and future generations?

Would you like to feel more connected and leave as healthy a world as the one we
inherited from our ancestors?

Michelle Walker

Email: betteroutcomesconsulting@yahoo.com.au
Location: Melbourne


How privileged I am as a non-Indigenous person to be able to share with early childhood practitioners the knowledge of Wayapa® Wuurrk! I have been an Early Childhood Teacher and Consultant for over 25 years; the early childhood space is the perfect place to start children and educators journey ‘Connecting to Country.’

The Early Years Learning Framework mentions how “the Melbourne Declaration commits to improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and strengthening early childhood education.” (DEEWR 2009) We must seek knowledge to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that celebrates culture, developing cultural knowledge through ‘Connecting to Earth.’
I seek to share Wayapa® Wuurrk in a way that celebrates the 14 Elements, in the true spirit of reconciliation, re connecting to Earth, Body, Mind, and Spirit, guided by over 80,000 years of Indigenous knowledge, “this diverse nation of cultures can co-exist in harmony ensuring a prosperous future for all our nations people”. (FiELD 2018)

Shelly Hood

Email: shelly@planetmail.com
Location: Goulburn Valley, the Murray Region and Northeast Victoria. Happy to travel far and wide

Weekly classes coming soon
Half & full day Workshops coming soon
Workplace & Community Workshops
Awaken your indigenous spirit and walk the earth with a fire in your belly
By Shelly Hood

Michelle Atwell

Phone: 0401237321
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellewayapacoach/
Email: michellewayapawuurrk@gmail.com
Location: Yarra Valley and surrounds
I found Wayapa® at a time I was looking at connecting more with those around me and my life journey.  As a proud Aboriginal woman, Wayapa® gave me the way to connect with my culture and spirit of life. It is a gift that keeps on giving and I am blessed to have found it and to be able to share it with others.
I’m currently setting up a womens group within my local area of the Yarra Valley.
I can deliver Wayapa® workshops for young womens groups, youth clubs, womens groups and community events.

Wan-Yaari Aboriginal Consultancy Services

Website: www.wanyaari.com.au
Email: enquiries@wanyaari.com.au
Phone: 0473 476 728
Location: Geelong

Wan-Yaari Aboriginal Consultancy Services is an Aboriginal owned and operated business providing professional and empowering services to the Aboriginal Community and non-Aboriginal organisations in the Geelong Region. The meaning of Wan-Yaari is to Listen, Learn and Understand, which underpins our philosophy in designing and delivering our programs in an inclusive, engaging and culturally appropriate way.

As two proud Aboriginal men, we deliver Wayapa® Workshops with a strong connection to culture and deep connection to the earth and spirit. We have experience in delivering workshops to people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities including school groups, corporate organisations, community groups and also in correctional system.

Thaedra Frangos

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thaedra
Instagram: @thaedra_
Email: Thaedra@seayoga.com.au
Location: Surfcoast, Great Ocean road, Geelong and surrounds, happy to travel 🙂

Wayapa® wuurrk, biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Somatic Meditation, yoga.
Surfcoast, Great Ocean road, Geelong and surrounds, happy to travel 🙂
Follow: www.facebook.com/thaedra and Instagram:  @thaedra_ for workshops, events and classes

Karen Alexander

Phone: 0439 306 829
Location: Emerald and surrounds


My focus is on delivering Wayapa® Workshops to small groups including local community houses, U3A, environmental groups, refugees, etc. However, happy to discuss any proposal.

Fourteen Elemements

Louise & Kez
Email: Info@fourteenelements.com.au
Location: Melbourne + Gold Coast

The human race has become so disconnected from everything that is important. People have got caught up in the rat-race of the new modern world, needing everything ‘right now’, constantly purchasing the latest greatest items but at what cost? We hear everyday the impact we as a human race are having on Mother Earth. 

Through Wayapa Wuurrk we want to remind people to live consciously, care for Mother Earth and for ourselves.

A little bit about us; we work as a team, have known each other for over 8 years and consider each other as family.

Fiona is a Yidinji descendent born and living on Wathaurong country. Fiona’s Aboriginal culture has given her a strong connection to the land. She has always searched for something more, something beyond culture. Through life changes Fiona experienced a disconnect from culture which left her feeling like she had lost her identity. Through various opportunities Fiona found herself completing the Wayapa Wuurrk Diploma course which has reignited the need to feel culturally connected to the land.

Kez has always been deeply spiritual and in touch with Mother Earth. Sometimes as we grow we fall into line with societies expectations and norms, despite having so much in my life to be grateful for there was a void, I found myself feeling lost, disconnected and searching for something.  Wayapa has changed my life, I feel so much more connected to Mother Earth, I am deeply appreciative of everything in my life. I love that the universe directs us to our rightful path and Wayapa came into my life right when I needed it, I needed to be reawakened. I needed to live my truth.

Karan Kent

Phone: 0407 401654
Email: k.kent@bigpond.com
Working Region: Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, Kingston, Dandenong, Casey, Cardinia.

New South Wales:

Priscilla Reid-Loynes

Website: coming soon!
Email: gunimaagi@gmail.com
Phone: 0431805795
Location: Cammeraygal Country, Sydney. Offering workshops for Sydney area, rural NSW and Victoria


The Wayapa® wellbeing practice enriches all children, families and communities with an understanding of Gunditjmara and Gunai worldviews and is underpinned by the importance of an Earth connection.

As an education consultant, I am always looking to create the space for Aboriginal pedagogies and knowledge systems within education and the community. Wayapa® workshops are holistic and shared through Aboriginal pedagogies of oral storytelling, songs and music, dance and movement and embraces arts-based storytelling.

The national educational framework and curriculum for primary and secondary schools both link to the core messages of Wayapa® through the environmental, sustainability and wellbeing aspects. Within the early years settings Wayapa® has a strong connection to the environment, communication, identity and wellbeing outcomes of the national framework. Wayapa® invites and encourages all educational settings to engage with this unique Aboriginal practice which provides not only the important curriculum links but a strong wellbeing program for students, educators and communities.

As a Gomeroi Yularoi yinarr (woman) guided by the pedagogy of Gunimaa-gi (with the Earth), I am grateful to the Jamie and Sara for sharing Wayapa® with me. It is through the practice of Wayapa® that together we can provide all children, families and communities with a deeply beautiful and healing modality that strengthens everyone’s connection with the earth, Wayapa® Wuurrk!

Brittany Jane

Website: www.theearthbodymovement.com
Email: info@theearthbodymovement.com
Instagram: @theearthbodymovement
Facebook: facebook.com/theearthbodymovement
Location: Byron Bay Region


Brittany is a somatic ecologist, dancer and permaculturist with a strong passion for reuniting the embodied arts and ecology. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Sustainable Enterprise and a Master of Environment where she explored somatic dance as a medium of connection to the natural world. Her thesis was largely inspired by Indigenous cultures who use movement practices like Wayapa® for cultivating an embodied awareness of their interconnectedness with the Earth. Honouring this wisdom, Brittany now offers Wayapa® to help us re-imagine dance and movement a central way of knowing and expression for our collective wellbeing.

Why I love Wayapa®: In a time of unprecedented disconnection and socio-ecological crisis, I believe Wayapa® offers us a holistic way forward with Indigenous wisdom as the guiding force. This wisdom helped to sustain the oldest living culture on Earth for over 80,000 years, however the general accessibility of this knowledge to date has been very limited. This is why Wayapa® is so important – not only does it actively help to restore and conserve this ancient wisdom, but it also uniquely shares it with the world; thus empowering a more sustainable and healthy future for us all. As a non-Aboriginal woman, Wayapa® has also helped me to remember my own indignity to the planet; reawakening my own sense of belonging as a steward of the Earth.


Mahdi Mason

Website: http://drmahdimason.com/
Email: mahdi.earthhealer@gmail.com
Phone: 0416 031 705
Location: Offering workshops for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


This (Wayapa® Diploma Course) was the most fulfilling course I ever completed!

As a non-Indigenous Australian, I had always wanted to learn more about the culture and ways of life of the First Peoples of this land. More specifically, I wanted to know more about how the Traditional Custodians of our land lived in harmony with it. This course provided all that information and more. It instilled in me the wisdom of how to take care of Mother Nature, while also taking care of ourselves. Furthermore, it gave me the skills to go out and teach this to others.

Wayapa® is a new way of life for me and I can’t wait to start helping others understand how amazing it is!

Dr Louise Richardson

Email: dryurri@gmail.com
Phone: 0418 172 016
Location: Gold Coast


Profession: Medical Doctor, Audiologist, Wayapa Wuurrk Practioner

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), M Clin Aud, MD, Dip Wayapa Wuurrk

Special Interests: Clients with intellectual, physical and mental health challenges

Scope of Work: I mainly work with individuals in private sessions. I am currently renovating my facilities and looking to introduce small group sessions by the end of 2018. In partnership with one of my fellow practitioners, Stephanie May, I have submitted a proposal to conduct a Wayapa Wuurrk Workshop at the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association Conference in September 2018.

Wayapa in my life:

Wayapa Wuurrk has been a unifying practice for ideas and convictions that I have been working towards for a number of years including: connecting with nature, walking softly on the planet, caring for the environment, minimising consumerism and working co-operatively as a community.

What is unique about Wayapa is the movement practice which helps the mind focus on the elements of nature and our connection to biosphere. It is an active meditative practice, and therefore ideal for individuals who find it difficult to completely still themselves. Sara Lazar, a Harvard Neuroscientist, has demonstrated through brain scans that meditation not only reduces stress but literally changes the brain. She has documented increased gray matter in the sensory regions of meditators, likely due to the attention to breathing, sounds and experience of the moment.

The Wayapa movements encourage the same mindfulness. Additional findings included more gray matter in the frontal cortex which is associated with working memory and executive decision making. The movements of Wayapa also provide important exercise for holistic well-being. These movements not only cycle through the elements of life but provide balanced stretching across major muscle groups.

Western Australia:

Cindy Mathers

Email: cindy347@bigpond.com
Location: Broome


Days after completing the Wayapa® Wuurrk training it is still hard to put into words the experience of being totally immersed in Wayapa® for seven days with like minded souls. I am not Indigenous, however I have worked alongside many Indigenous colleagues in the health, education and training sectors, and I have a deep respect and love of Indigenous culture and wisdom. Wayapa® training created the space for deep connection on a soul level and a celebration of oneness with all that is. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s stories and learn how to weave the elements of Wayapa® into our lives and workshop delivery. It truly is a lifestyle modality promoting and fostering a deep connection to Earth, Mind, Body and Spirit.

I believe the world is ready to learn about and accept the deep wisdom of Aboriginal culture and knowledge that underpins Wayapa®. It is an absolute honor to be a part of Wayapa® and so much gratitude for Jamie and Sara for doing the hard yards to get it accredited and delivering the training in an intuitive and highly effective way. Native Americans talk about “Walking the Red Road” it is a road of balance and connection with nature, each other and spirit. I feel as I if I am travelling the Australian version of that – the “Wayapa® Road”. I have a deep love for and connection to nature. Now, I have the teachings of Wayapa® to connect me in deeper to the Australian landscape, elements, creatures and the ways of the longest living continuous culture on the planet.

I can’t wait to start delivering Wayapa® Wuurrk Workshops as it is something I believe in with my whole heart and it will be a joy to share this Earth Connection and Wellbeing practice with others. I believe it will also promote a much better understanding of Indigenous culture in our country, which is long overdue. Much gratitude to the co-creators – Jamie and Sara.

South Australia:

Bea Myers

Email: beamyers@mac.com
Mobile: 0408 581077
Location: Adelaide Region


In February 2018 I was introduced to Wayapa® Wuurrk by Jamie Marloo Thomas with conversation around a campfire followed by the 14 Element Movement Practice barefoot on Ngarrindjeri Country in the Coorong South Australia.

So much of what Jamie said was what I was already sharing with others, what I already thought and felt. A culmination of my life experiences and being blessed to travel and work around Australia for thirteen years, spending much time in remote locations connecting with Mother Earth. I related so much to Jamie and the spirit of Wayapa®.

Within two weeks I was in Melbourne for the Certified Practitioner Course with Jamie and Sara sharing the Wayapa® concepts, knowledge and stories. What an enriching heartfelt experience. Now as a qualified Wayapa® Wuurrker I’m ready to share Wayapa® in Adelaide.

Wayapa® Wuurrk is unique. It’s not a practice but a lifestyle, with as much focus on looking after Planet Earth as our own health and wellbeing. We may think our home is the bricks and mortar that surrounds us, but our home is really Mother Earth she is the place that protects us, provides for us and gives a sense of belonging. We need to connect and respect her for humanity to survive. Wayapa® Wuurrk teaches how to do this though Indigenous knowledge and connecting with the 14 Elements.

Tresh Pearce

Email: treshpearce@gmail.com
Location: Southern Fleurieu Peninsula Region


My name is Tresh. I live, work, walk, care and kayak around the Ancestoral lands and waters of the Kaurna, Ramindjeri, Ngarrindjeri and Peramangk people. Nowadays also known as the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula Region.

Having spent most of my life working, living and playing outdoors, the Elemental forces continue to have a profound influence deep inside myself, my thinking, interests and awareness.

Experiencing the Wayapa Wuurrk movements for the first time, I recognized it as a comprehensive, authentic, unique and accessible process – acknowledging and honouring the elements of Nature and the vital aspects that give Human life meaning. I thought, “Whammo, this stuff is on the money!”

This sacred but simple, everyday way of using our bodies as the instrument, according to our own capacities and abilities, is a method where anyone can remember and strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and our accompanying responsibilities with Her.

It is my aim to share this growing flame of connection with people however I can – local workshops; in schools; in house workshops with our most immediate land managers – Councils, primary producers, wineries; with retired folk, our Elders, and those who may not be very physically able; then following up with support through on going classes and groups.

I very much look forward to doing some Wayapa together.

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self