Unleash the Earth Person inside of you…and let Wayapa® Wuurrk for you to Connect into the Earth, Connect into Spirit, Connect into Self

Our accredited Wayapa® Practitioners offer 6 Week Introduction to Wayapa® Courses for Individuals in a number of locations throughout Victoria and  Australia.

Held once a week (usually lasting 60mins to 90mins) over a 6 week period, the sessions will share:

  • about the ancient concepts of Wayapa® and how Indigenous people Lived Life Well for over 80,000 years
  • about Wayapa®’s 14 Elements that create the Wayapa® Practice
  • stories that will give you a greater understanding of how you belong to the Earth
  • how to better connect with the land, elements, nature, people
  • how the daily practice of Wayapa® can lead to holistic wellbeing that not only helps you but the whole planet

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self

I was instantly drawn to learn more about Wayapa® when I read that it comes from an Indigenous perspective.

Jamie and Sara have developed an amazing practice and their introductory Wayapa® Wuurrk course encouraged me to investigate the connection between the ancient and the present day. Learning and reflecting on the 14 elements of the practice in Wayapa® Wuurrk will continue to guide me to live more mindfully, respectfully and sustainably in the world. Thank-you!

Nicole Johnston, Melbourne

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