Wayapa In Education

We contribute to improved learning outcomes for children directly when our educational programs reflect children’s cultural ways of knowing and being.

New Evidence-Informed Wayapa Early Years Learning (EYLF) Education Program

Wayapa Wuurrk has SUCCESSFULLY applied to be a part of the evidence-informed Victorian School Readiness Fund Menu – considered to be the highest standard of programs and a benchmark in early years learning for thewhole of Australia.

Wayapa is about understanding and honouring the ancient wisdom of interdependence through mindful movement and meditation.

In educational settings in Victoria and nationally, Wayapa is a framework for reconciliation, wellbeing, sustainability and cultural connection.

The Wayapa EYLF Education Program consists of:

The program has been developed as stand-alone modules which can be built upon or collectively as the Platinum Program.

Wayapa Wuurrk Vision

Wayapa Wuurrk translates to “Connect to the Earth” in the languages of the Maara People from South West Victoria and GunaiKurnai People from Gippsland, Victoria.

Wayapa was created to change thinking around how we view the idea of what it means to be well with a focus on Indigenous thinking that includes learning how to develop a relationship with our environment through the concept of ancient earth mindfulness.  

We can’t be well if Mother Earth is unwell.

Wayapa Wuurrk is....

Wayapa is a globally trademarked & certified Earth Connection Wellness Practice based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that combines:

…promoting environmental sustainability and faciliating EARTH, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT wellbeing.

If mother earth is not well, then we cannot be well now and for future generations

Authentic Reconciliation

We contribute to improved learning outcomes for children directly when our educational programs reflect children’s cultural ways of knowing and being

The inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in the program is a proactive way to demonstrate a commitment to equity, inclusion, social justice and reconciliation and reflects the deep commitment to diversity..

Agents Of Change

Viewing children as agents capable of being active participants and enacting change in their world is integral to the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework and the approved learning frameworks. 

Children’s rich potential as active agents of change for their environment is integral to 2018 NQS Element 3.2.3 – The service cares for the environment and supports children to become environmentally responsible.

Wayapa supports children to…

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Make authentic connections with their natural environment through adult modelling from those around them

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Understand, observe and appreciate the natural rhythms and seasonal cycles of the world around them

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Develop dispositions that are ethically responsible, optimistic and caring.

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Acknowledge connections to the elements with personal culture and stories

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Understand what wellbeing is and how environmental wellbeing is related to their personal wellbeing

“I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of theFirst Peoples, it is my responsibility to share my connection to this Earth and teach others how to respect and care for her, to heal her and let her heal us. So that is why I created Wayapa.”

~ Jamie Marloo Thomas

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