Thank you so much to Flow Artists for inviting Wayapa onto their show!

In this episode, we speak with Jamie Marloo Thomas and Sara Jones, creators and facilitators of Wayapa Wuurrk.

Wayapa Wuurrk is a modality that incorporates movement, meditation and a connection to the 14 elements of nature and the land. The word Wayapa means connection, and it draws from indigenous philosophy but is designed to be a practice for everyone regardless of religion or background.

In this episode, we learn how Jamie’s childhood experiences lead him on the path to creating Wayapa Wuurrk. We learn about the 14 elements, and how a Wayapa Wuurrk session is structured.

We learn how Wayapa goes beyond self-care and encourages an attitude that goes beyond the self towards caring for the environment and looking after the planet for future generations.

Finally, we learn how Jamie and Sara worked together to nurture an idea to being approved as an official modality by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies as a way to raise funds to teach Indigenous children their culture.