Wayapa Wuurrk Winter Solstice candle light circle @ Freshwater, Sydney

June 17, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Freshwater Wellness Centre
1 Rowe St
Freshwater NSW 2096
Rebecca Dunn

Wayapa Wuurrk Winter Solstice candle light circle

Take a journey inwards, at this the darkest time of the year. Be still. Listen . What can you hear ? What needs to be born through you for the times through which we are walking? What stories are leaving ? What stories are ready to be planted to guide you as you journey ? Through the practice of Wayapa Wuurrk ( connect to country) we honour the 14 elements we are connected to for wellness. Without a healthy earth we can not be healthy in body mind and spirit. Come and learn this ancient earth mindfulness practice, begin or deepen a practice of observation and listening to yourself, listening to country. Share your personal stories. Cultural stories that would have guided our ancestors so they could walk a strong journey. This session will also include a gentle movement practice so please wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal and pen and a blanket for comfort. Small group session, to be with the darker half of the year and connect to the return of the light. $55 .