Terms + Conditions

Please note that set out below are the Terms and Conditions of purchase for the various categories of products sold from either Wayapa Wuurrk’s® website or as a direct booking with Wayapa Wuurrk in the case of Wayapa Workshops. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions of purchase for the relevant product that you are buying. For example, when purchasing the Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner Training Course, please read the Courses section.

We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to re-schedule a Wayapa Education Workshop that has been booked and confirmed by email, otherwise the client will be invoiced for 50% of the total cost quoted if the workshop cannot be re-scheduled.

There is no refund once a course has been booked. However, the Course start date might be able to be re-scheduled. A full refund will be provided if a Course has to be cancelled by Wayapa Wuurrk.

There is no refund once a participant has booked and paid for the Wayapa Wuurrk® Practitioner Training Course. However, the participant may be able to request a different start date. A full refund will be provided to the participant if for any reason, the Course has to be cancelled by Wayapa Wuurrk.

It is understood and agreed that to be awarded a certification in this Course, the participant must have completed the full training, successfully presented the Introduction to Wayapa Wuurrk® Workshop to the rest of the group and be deemed competent by Wayapa Wuurrk®.

It is also understood and agreed that only those who have been awarded certification will be granted a licence to use Wayapa Wuurrk’s Intellectual property including the logo.

To be licensed to use the Wayapa Wuurrk logo and branding, each graduate will be required to sign a licensing agreement that not only protects the integrity of Wayapa but every Wayapa Practitioner’s investment. It is agreed and understood that to deliver a Wayapa Workshop, graduates must sign the licensing agreement.