Meet The Team

The Wayapa in Education Branch of the Wayapa Wuurrk Tree is being driven by dynamic sister duo Justine and Leslie Tarrant of Kind Connections who are also very proud Wayapa Practitioners. 

JUSTINE TARRANT Wayapa Education Specialist

Hi I’m Justine, and I am blessed to be the educational specialist here at Wayapa Wuurrk. 

I am also honoured to have developed the various components of the Wayapa Educational Program for Early Years Education.

I am a passionate teacher who has been dedicated to expanding hearts and minds for over 20 years, initially working within Primary Schools then within the Preschool profession followed by facilitating professional development for the last 7 years.

My practise over the years has been centred in fostering wellbeing and resiliency.  I believe that our Wayapa program can support you as educators to cultivate a culture of care, respect and custodial responsibility as we build your capacity to facilitate earth, mind, body, spirit wellbeing for all within your educational setting.

LESLIE TARRANT Wayapa Education Coordinator

I am thankful to live, love and learn on the lands of the Bunurong and Wathaurong peoples of the Kulin Nation.  Based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, I have been privileged to call Australia my home for twenty years.

New Zealand born, I have a melting pot of bloodlines yet growing up, I had little connection to my ancestral cultures, which impacted me in many ways.  Since I became a practitioner 2019, Wayapa has offered me a sense of belonging and provides a beautiful lens for my own personal wellbeing.

I have a background in business and have been fortunate to have spent ten years in a growth area of a global telecommunications business which has given me extensive experience in Enterprise business including change management and process improvement.  I am thrilled to now be working within the Wellness Industry and to be coordinating the Education Program.

As a life long learner, I am passionate about our collective and individual learning journeys.  Wayapa Wuurrk philosophy and our Education Program offers a wonderful pathway to connect, share, acknowledge and celebrate our learning experiences.

Linda Ramsden – North Sydney, NSW

Annie Thiering – Regional Victoria

Throughout my life I have been driven to explore and teach from my heart felt passions, to help each of us be aware of our footprint on this planet. One of my favourite elements in Wayapa is the narration and movement of the Child. I am a mother, also a foster mother and now a grandmother. I have been an infant/primary teacher and a TAFE teacher. I love the responsibility I have had in teaching all children in my lifetime and to watch them grow and learn. I am particularly excited to see Wayapa be incorporated into Early Childhood learnings and the fact that children will now be accessing ancient Indigenous wisdom to help guide them through life and live the Wayapa way.

Debbie Miller – West Metro Melbourne

Kristina Garla, Inner North Melbourne, Vic

Rachael Bonetti, Mornington Pensinsula, Vic

Rachael is passionate about the education of our future generations as well as supporting the wellbeing of their educators. She understands the unique pressure of the education environment and wholeheartedly believes Wayapa can provide a pathway to balance and wellness for all.

Nic Russell, Outer South East, Melbourne

Nic is a yogi of over 20 years and has been involved in the early childhood education and care sector for more than 30 years. Her experiences are vast including working as an early childhood educator, Centre Director, Area Manager, yoga and meditation facilitator, TAFE teacher and since 2016, business founder of South East Yoga and Wellbeing.

Nic has presented countless professional developments and been a guest speaker for many conference’s. Her programs are creative and inspiring and with many years of early childhood experience she is able to naturally engage children, keeping them captivated and interested.

“My mission is to inspire educators to promote positive wellbeing in the early childhood sector so that they and the children in their care are able to sustain long term health benefits.” 

Diana Barnett – Inner East Melbourne

Shelley Fox, Adelaide, SA

Jem Stone, Inner North Melbourne, Vic

Jem is passionate about bringing First Nations perspectives and wisdom into education spaces and is experienced in sharing knowledge and workshops with young people.

Inviting deep connection of knowing, being and doing, through experiential learning, play and story, Jem provides a safe all inclusive space for students to explore their unique journey as part of the contribution to the group. 

Karan Kent, Mornington Pensinsula, Vic

Pauline Nolan, Bendigo & Surrounds, Vic

Cherie McMahon, Bendigo & Surrounds, Vic