The Aim of Wayapa In Education

The aim of the Wayapa Educational Framework is to provide a shared vision, common language and pedagogical guidance to educational professionals for collaboration with Wayapa practitioners.

In partnership with children and families, we can intentionally facilitate earth mindfulness and holistic wellbeing, helping to build and embed a culture of care within educational settings. 

Wayapa in Education aims to empower educators to embody, reconnect and reflect on their own understandings of cultural connections and cultivate their cultural responsiveness, authentic reconciliation steps and evaluate implicit bias. Increasing their capacity to authentically nurture an inclusive learning environment as an act of acknowledging and addressing diversity and difference.

As a result, children can explore, construct ideas, solve problems and communicate their thinking about their own wellbeing, of others and of their environment.

Therefore, the aim is to support educational professionals to build on and strengthen their current conceptual knowledge and understanding on the importance of holistic wellbeing principles and practices that support children’s learning and development.

Educators are often proficient in developing wellbeing pathways for children and families; however, the Wayapa professional development program encourages educators to prioritise wellbeing tools that aid in minimising overwhelm and burnout not only for themselves but those around them.

Wayapa Program Aims 

Some educators may have experience with mindful movement modalities such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or yoga. Educators will be introduced to the narrative meditation and movement storytelling of the Wayapa flow sequence. Providing opportunities for a meaningful context to share and move with children and enhance positive relationships with the world around us. The program will develop a language of learning that strengthens and supports shared partnerships and aspirations for wellbeing central to the ecological model of supporting children.

Being the ‘Wayapa Way’ is evident in the children’s ability to;

  • use the shared language of Wayapa. Learning to articulate their thoughts, feelings and ideas that explore earth, mind, body, spirit wellbeing
  • acknowledge, respect and give gratitude to mother earth’s gifts that nurtures and nourishes us
  • feel responsible for the wellbeing of themselves, each-other and the natural world develop ideas and take action to live environmentally and culturally responsible and responsive