The Wayapa in Education Framework is comprised of:

  • Wayapa Educator Introductory Workshop 75min
  • Wayapa Educator PD Workshop 3hr
  • Wayapa Introductory Incursion for Children 1hr
  • Wayapa Incursion Programs for Children (4, 6, 8 wkly)
  • Wayapa Action Research & Mentoring Program for Educators 10wks
  • Wayapa Platinum Program (ALL above)

Wayapa Introductory Incursion for Children

An experiential learning session for Children with their educators that uses storytelling to introduce Wayapa in a fun and meaningful way.

Children receive:

  • 45 – 60 min in-service experience
  • An entertaining and fun learning experience for Children to be introduced to Wayapa via the ‘Learning the Wayapa way’ Story
  • Wayapa Incursion Programs for Children

Intimate yarn circles with children and their educators. These sessions model ways of Wayapa and provide an excellent springboard for further learning / inquiry for children.

Children receive:

  • 45 -60 min in-service experience
  • Exploring and connecting more deeply to Wayapa Elements
    Embodied practice
  • Activities include Symbol work, Rhythm and Song, Cycles & Seasons and Gratitude Circle


 4x Sessions, 6x Sessions or 8x Sessions packages available.  


Our Incursion Structure

Grounding in:

  • Acknowledgement to Country 
  • Guided Visualisation / Breath Work 
  • Setting Intentions

Reading Story

Flow movement sequence

  • Mindful movement 14 Elements

Storytelling connecting

  • Connecting to the elements in various ways & demonstrating element movement

Rhythm and Song

  • Group rhythm sequences
  • Singing

Gratitude circle

Discover how Wayapa can best suit your curriculum needs

Drop us a quick message in the corresponding fields.  We’d love to hear from you, understand more about your service and explore how we can support you in your wellbeing journey with Wayapa. 

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We understand each educational service is unique in their needs and we aim to accommodate and provide flexibility in the way we personalise delivery of the program.  Program delivery is coordinated between Wayapa Wuurrk, the Wayapa Practitioner/s and the Service so we schedule events based on availability, however weekend delivery is possible.  In fact, we will be scheduling several online PD workshops throughout 2022 which will include both weekday and Saturday morning options.  Let us know what timing best suits your Service so we can plan accordingly.

The 3hr Professional Development Workshop includes a downloadable Reflection Workbook, and the Action Research & Mentoring Project comes with the following downloadable items:

  • Reflection Workbook
  • 16 Lesson Learning & Teaching Unit Plan
  • Implementation Guide with Lesson PowerPoints

Additionally, we will have a range of additional resources available for purchasing in early 2022.  We look forward to sharing these with you soon.

The 75-minute Introduction Workshop provides foundational understanding of Wayapa as an Earth Connection Practice and a way of being.  It covers the background, benefits, and speaks to the 14 Elements of Nature that underpin both practice and philosophy. 

Some Indigenous Wisdom concepts are highlighted as the audience is encouraged to reflect on their own personal stories and the movement embodiment practice is shared as a group.  The session touches on the linkages to Curriculum framework and how Wayapa is a pathway for Wellbeing, Inclusion and Sustainability for all; Educators, children and their families and the communities we live in.

The 3-hour workshop builds upon the foundational understanding of Wayapa and explores Wellbeing on a personal level and in the context of a Child’s developmental learning journey.  In an unprecedented time of increased Educator overwhelm and stress, this workshop highlights the importance of embodying Wayapa from a personal standpoint so the cascading impact within the classroom becomes an authentic journey shared by both student and teacher.  Connections to Educational Frameworks are further unpacked and mind/body benefits, Cultural Competency are further explored with some reflection for Reconciliation perspectives.

This workshop supports a greater understanding of Wayapa but both workshops seek to capture the hearts of Educators so that the personal and collective journey towards well-being becomes a natural and fun exploration.  Starting with our shared responsibility in caring for Mother Earth, we too, benefit in coming together to appreciate our unique qualities and the power of unity.

Fear not, it does not matter whether you start with the 75 minute or the 3-hour Workshop.  If you fall in love with Wayapa, as we know you will, and would like further exploration for your Educators, we will work with you to build upon each workshop to support your journey towards authentically embedding this beautiful philosophy within your learning community. 

We appreciate the logistical challenges and budget constraints that EYL Services navigate daily.  So, we will work with each Service to personalise the Children’s sessions so that each incursion experience is meaningful for both Children and Educators.

We firmly believe that our Professional Development workshops are essential components in embedding Wayapa within Educational settings.  Our vision for Children and our future generations, heavily relies on the capacity of Educators and their ability to self-regulate, model accordingly and cultivate meaningful learning opportunities.  So, our approach begins with Educator Wellbeing and we seek to support this process by simplifying concepts, creating linkages to existing practices and encouraging respectful professional conversations.

In saying that, we do understand budget and time constraints play a part in the way a Service looks for best value and outcome in their planning.  We encourage each Service to consider the Introductory Workshop to provide better context to Educators and understanding the concepts explored with the Children via the incursions.