Wayapa In Education Vision

Wayapa facilitates opportunities to mindfully re-connect to our natural environment; our Mother Earth.

All of our ancestors once lived in harmony with the natural elements on earth. Over time much of this ancient wisdom has been lost or forgotten. Wayapa wakes up and ignites our inner custodial responsibility and sense of belonging that flows in all of us, passed down from our heritage lines. 

Wayapa Wuurrk was created to change thinking around how we view the idea of what it means to be well, nurturing the development of holistic wellbeing and sustainable behaviour. The philosophy acknowledges and honours the fundamental Australian indigenous principle of ‘Caring for Country’. In other-words, to foster a deeper understanding and responsibility to sustainably connect with and care for, the earth, across the lands, waters, air spaces as well as all beings between.

Wayapa is more than just a practice, it is a way of being. To respectfully & authentically embed indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing personally and collectively. To ultimately re-connect to country, to reconnect back to mother earth.

Wayapa Wuurrk translates to “Connect to the Earth” in the languages of the Maara People from South West Victoria, and the GunaiKurnai People from Gippsland, Victoria.

Wayapa is an internationally-accredited and trademarked earth connection wellness modality based on ancient Indigenous wisdom and taking care of the environment as the starting point for wellbeing. By combining earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, physical movement and earth reciprocity, Wayapa creates holistic wellbeing and sustainable behaviour. 

As a unique inclusive practice of reconnection, self-compassion and healing, Wayapa is for all cultures, ages and capacities, providing an ongoing resource for wellbeing and self- regulation. The Wayapa Wuurrk professional development program is a strength based, multi-layered approach that aims to increase educator’ capacity in cultivating meaningful pathways that facilitate embedded practices of wellbeing, connection and inclusion for all staff, children and families/carers.

Within education, Wayapa provides a springboarding platform for a variety of learning experiences and holistic wellbeing opportunities.