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Thousands of people world-wide have already experienced the transformational benefits of living a Wayapa® Lifestyle…

…and now you can be part of the movement.

This unique training experience will empower you to grow a thriving practice around helping people heal, find their purpose and care for the planet.

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Wayapa Wuurrk® is an earth mindfulness & action practice based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the environment as the starting point for creating
Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Living in harmony with their environment is what sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be one of the world’s oldest, continuous living cultures – for over 100,000 years!

Today, for most of us, we have become disconnected from our environment, from our tribe, from our food and from our Spirit.

Through a trademarked method of Earth mindfulness, storytelling, movement meditation and taking action to look after the planet, Wayapa® provides a sense of purpose and belonging to the Earth while creating holistic well-being.

Become a Certified Wayapa® Practitioner and help spread the Wayapa® message of healing the planet by reconnecting people to Mother Earth.

Never has there been a more crucial time in humanity than right now to remember that no matter where we come from, we all descend from ancestors who had the knowledge and wisdom to look after their environment to survive and thrive.

certified wellness practice

When you successfully complete this 7-day live, accredited training, you will become a certified Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner.

Certified Practitioners enjoy many benefits including:

Add a new Practice to your existing business or role

Build a new wellness business around Wayapa®

Deliver Wayapa Wuurrk® wuurrkshops, classes and immersions

Receive complimentary access to the"Reconnect the Disconnection with Wayapa" online course

Be featured in our Practitioner Directory and have your events promoted in our online Calendar

Receive access to our Practitioner Portal for resources and inspiration

Receive your first year’s licensing membership as a part of the course fee including logos, branding and the Wayapa Wuurrk Soundtrack

Have access to a closed Facebook group exclusive to accredited practitioners providing peer support and a close-knit community

Receive help with getting started including an exclusive monthly "Wayapa Vibes" licensed practitioner catch up for support, ideas & growth

Receive an organic cotton Wayapa Wuurrk t-shirt to wear when sharing Wayapa

“I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of the First Peoples, it is my responsibility to share my connection to this Earth and teach others how to respect and care for her, to heal her and let her heal us. So that is why Wayapa was created.”

~ Jamie Marloo Thomas

Like to do something
different every day?

Wayapa workshops are delivered to a huge range of different industries including schools, government departments, prisons, health & wellbeing, sports, personal healing, community organisations and corporations.

The best thing about becoming a certified practitioner is being able to share Wayapa with a vast range of people to help them live a more deeply connected, purposeful life while earning an income doing something you love!

When you successfully complete this 7-day live, accredited training, you will become a certified Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner fully prepared to deliver a one hour to a full day workshop, weekly sessions and/or 4 to 16-week courses on your own.

Wayapa as a holistic wellness modality illuminates and nourishes the need for healing the ‘whole’ with regards to humans and place. It absolutely could play an important role in an omnidirectional approach to healing in combination with other Regenerative practices and rituals.

My experience with Wayapa has been an experience of healing arts with Country. It nourishes my intuition around my own creative practice of reciprocity, accountability and care for Country.

Wayapa is its own thing. It is not in lieu of traditional ceremony and practices, but rather is accessible to contemporary multicultural Australia. In such a moment of crisis across all planes, it offers a tangible and inclusive prayer for all… a holistic calibration for the system to reset, in reverence of Country and Life.

Drika Horton

Our practitioner training courses are
open for enrolment!

After a week immersed in ancient wisdom, storytelling, lots of Wayapa practice and discussions with a like-minded tribe, you will feel more whole, much more connected to the earth and all beings, with a purpose to connect as many people as possible to Wayapa well-being.

Wayapa is for everyone and anyone. We have trained hundreds of Wayapa Practitioners from all different backgrounds, cultures, ages and professions. You just need to be 16 years and over to enrol in the training.

We don’t do workbooks. We train our practitioners ancient-way, now called experiential learning – through storytelling, deep listening, lively discussions, body memory with lots of Wayapa practice and heaps of fun. We love participants sharing their own knowledge and experiences during this week.

Ensuring participants are ready to deliver Wayapa within 7 days means that every day of training is important so attending each day is compulsory and is part of the course requirement.

“What an amazing seven days. The Wayapa Wuurk Certified Practitioner Diploma was so much more than I ever expected. It was not only a learning journey but one of healing, an experience I will be able to draw on to help others in their healing journeys. I feel so grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to go out into the world to share Wayapa.

Sara Jones, Jem Stone and Jamie Marloo Thomas are amazing teachers with such rich wisdom to share. Wayapa is about connection, deep connection, and it was in this spirit the course was taught.

The Diploma was delivered in the Wayapa way, where a community comes together to share their observations, personal and cultural stories, and where learning is an embodied experience. I am so grateful Wayapa found me. I am so excited to play my part in sharing the ancient healing wisdom of our First Nations people and I am so honoured to be part of something so uniquely special, which is healing the world.”

Kristina  -

“The September 2021 Wayapa Practitioner Course was one of the most rewarding and beneficial training classes I have ever taken.

I took a leap of faith when I applied to do the training, so unsure of my capacity to be able to sit and learn for 7 days. Let alone to end up as a confident, capable practitioner. I took the training because of a deep desire to be a positive change in the world and wanting to help to reconnect others with the world around them.

Sara Jones is an amazingly skilled trainer. I gained so much knowledge, wisdom, and skill from her. Her unmoving belief in me and all in the class that we would succeed, seeing the potential in us that was hiding from our view. I am amazed at the transformation, in not only myself but the transformation I witnessed by all in the class, from the beginning of the course on day one to the end. Sara makes you fell so incredibly comfortable and at ease, that you are absolutely meant to be there.

Sara did an outstanding job, and this is, outstanding training. This was a life changing experience for me, I found my tribe. For those sitting on the edge wondering whether to take that leap of faith, I would say just do it.” 

Pauline Nolan


  • Tap into the Earth’s Wi-Fi with our online training
  • Join from the comfort of your own home or workplace
  • Perfect for those who need to fit training in around family or work
  • Enjoy the online energy connection in what we call “The Wayapa Bubble”
        Your investment = $3845  
        *Ask us about our flexible payment plans

On GUNDUNGURRA COUNTRY RETREAT: September 30th to October 6th 2024

  • Located at beautiful Hill Top in the Southern Highlands, NSW
  • Easy 75 minute car drive from Sydney Airport
  • Shared Accommodation
  • Private, bush property
  • Time for training, time for relaxing
  • Morning & afternoon tea provided, BYO lunch/dinner
        Your investment = $4895 includes 7 nights accommodation 
        *Ask us about our flexible payment plans

Melbourne IN Person Practitioner Training:
NoveMber 18th to 24th

  • Held at the Gleeson Centre, Darebin Parklands, Wurundjeri Country, Inner Melbourne
  • Beautiful, bush parkland
  • Great facilities
  • Nearby to shops & accommodation if travelling to Melbourne
  • Car parking available
  • Morning & afternoon tea provided, BYO lunch
         Your investment = $3845 
         *Ask us about our flexible payment plans

Training Course Details

Who Can Enrol:

Anyone who is 16 years and over can enrol in the practitioner training course. We have a practitioners from all sorts of ancestry, backgrounds and professions.

Accredited Trainers:

Each practitioner training course is delivered by 2 x accredited Wayapa Trainers. 

Course Times:

Training usually starts at 9.30am and finishes by 5pm with breaks and lunch included (50hours).

Course Format:

The training is delivered ancient-way, now called experiential learning, through deep listening, interactive discussions and shared learning. There are a maximum of 10 places per course to provide an intensive learning environment for each student.

Day 1 to Day 5, participants will be immersed in learning the philosophies, concepts, knowledge and elements of Wayapa® as well as learning how to teach Wayapa® as a physical practice and as a visualisation.

On Day 6 & Day 7, each participant will be required to deliver the Introduction to Wayapa® Workshop to the rest of the group as part of the assessment criteria.

Course Requirements:

To be deemed competent and qualified at the end of the 7 Day Live Training Course, every participant will be required to have attended each day of the Course and satisfactorily delivered the Introduction to Wayapa® Workshop to the group.


Wayapa Wuurk® is a globally trademarked and accredited modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and is the only accredited course of its kind world-wide. Wayapa Wuurrk is also an Approved IICT Training Provider.


All course participants will be required to sign a licence agreement prior to the commencement of training. This licence is to use Wayapa Wuurrk’s logo, branding and trademarked programs. 

I went into the Wayapa Diploma course with a huge admiration, respect and love for our Aboriginal people and their culture, however I still felt very disconnected from them and I didn’t understand why until going through the 7 days intensive with Jamie and Sara, everything fell into place right at the last day before my presentation!

I not only feel more connected to this amazing culture but more connected to the earth and what that means! My indigenous earth soul has been awakened! I’ve been on a mission since to find out more about my Romani Gypsy and Indian culture and their Earth Connection! It’s always been there through the ancestors stories but for some of us it got lost along the way to the modern world.

Shelly Hood

I undertook the Wayapa Diploma Course in June as a part of my professional development for my workplace, which has been really beneficial in my role. But what I wasn’t expecting was how much it has changed my life.

I practice Wayapa everyday, sometimes twice a day!! And am loving it more every day. My movement is improving all the time and have had some other benefits as well. I’ve lost 18kgs since, have quit smoking and no longer need the blood pressure medication I was on!

So to say Wayapa is life changing is pretty accurate!

Louise Parkinson


Most frequently asked questions

YES! Wayapa is an Earth Connection Practice for everyone.

NO! Wayapa is cultural appreciation NOT appropriation. Our practitioners are from a wide variety of ancestry.

This is an Earth connection practice for everyone, we are all earth stewards of this planet that we all call home.

Yes, it is important to attend all 7 days as a course requirement. In case of emergency, attendance can be discussed with the trainers.

YES! Practitioners work independently with support from the Wayapa HQ Team. 

Most practitioners charge from $500 to $850 for a 45-60mins Wayapa Workshop for a group of up to 25-30 people in a workplace.

Yes, if you share Wayapa® with others, then you must be a licensed and accredited Practitioner.

Yes, we just use Wayapa® Wuurrker as a play on words with our name.

Yes, we do! For those who don’t like doing their own bookings, Wayapa HQ will match clients to local practitioners. The service fee for this is covered in the amount being quoted.

The only way to become an accredited Wayapa® Practitioner is to do the Wayapa® Practitioner Training Course. Only accredited Wayapa® Practitioners can share Wayapa®.

As a licenced Practitioner you can deliver a range of Wayapa® Workshops, short courses and regular classes. Wayapa® Wuurrk stays in close contact with all of their accredited Practitioners to provide support and mentoring.

YES! We have online monthly professional development catch ups. A thriving online community. Access to promo material including logos, workshop templates and soundtracks to use.

Wayapa is shared in all spaces including across the Mental/Health Sector, Corporate, Government, Prisons, Rehabilitation Centres, Aged Care facilities, Yoga & Wellbeing spaces, Outdoors, Schools, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and we even have specialised training in Early Years Learning.

YES! This training will give you 25 CPD points, yoga teachers need at least 12 CPD points every year, so this training more than covers you.

Yes, all Licensed Wayapa Practitioners must ensure they have public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place to protect themselves as well as their clients. The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) offers discounted insurance to their members. All Licensed Practitioners receive a special 20% discount to become a member of IICT. 

Yes! We have created a Wayapa in Education Program which is delivered to children and educators in the Early Years Learning space. This program is matched to the national education curriculum. Licensed Practitioners can enrol to undertake this additional 5-day live training with the Wayapa Education Team.

We are also currently devloping a number of specialised trainings in the mental health space.