Let Wayapa®™ Wuurrk in Your Workplace to Create Wellbeing

The fact is that Aboriginal people are the world’s oldest living culture because they knew how to live life Well. For 80,000 plus years they lived sustainably, productively and in harmony with everything around them. Wayapa®™ shares the Indigenous Knowledge that can help your Workplace be Well.

Wayapa®™ is an innovative Aboriginal Wellness & Connection Practice that is based on ancient Aboriginal knowledge and concepts that has been developed for a modern-day context. Created by Jamie Thomas, the Practice of Wayapa® combines earth mindfulness and narrative meditation and movement in a series of 14 elements to teach participants the importance of connecting into the earth and nature for holistic wellness.


  • Teaches how earth mindfulness can create individual wellbeing and increase productivity while looking after the planet
  • Shares Aboriginal thinking and culture in an interactive and positive way
  • Can be practiced by anyone and at any time
  • Explains how to live a Wayapa® lifestyle that benefits everyone

Wayapa®™ has been certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and is the only known certified Aboriginal Wellness Practice within Australia.

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self

I personally found it to be a great experience and am excited about learning more. I have tried mindfulness to date, but feel that Wayapa® Wuurk connects with my way of life and desire to be more connected to the earth.

Jody, Oxfam

Thank you for coming to our office yesterday. I thought it was fantastic. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the staff who participated. Connecting people to the land in such a gentle and spiritual way certainly made everyone feel more balanced and centred.

Jo Fox, Relationships Australia Victoria

Just wanted to say thank you Jamie and Sara for presenting at the ICAP forum in Kilsyth. My legs are killing me but was first time I can say that I felt fantastic after your wellbeing session.

Jo Wilkie

Fabulous to be a part of your workshop yesterday so much gratitude for sharing your ancient knowledge and spirit with people who want to learn and understand the oldest living continuous culture on the planet!

Cindy Mathers

Coming from a non-Indigenous background, I was fascinated by underpinning concepts, the great explanations you gave of the significance of the words used in Wayapa®, as well as the actual movements and meditative quality of the practice.

Lynne Witynski, Victorian State Government

Fantastic experience with Wayapa® Wuurrk as part of Naidoc Week 2016. Staff participated in an innovative Aboriginal Wellness and Connection Practice based on ancient Aboriginal knowledge and concepts developed for modern day context.

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

Workshop Options

Intro Wayapa® Workshop (up to 60mins)  ($550+gst*)

This workshop will provide an introduction to the concepts of Wayapa® as well as demonstrate the 14 elements of the Practice.

Half Day Workshop ($1500+gst*)

During this workshop, Jamie will provide a comprehensive understanding of the ancient, underlying concepts of Wayapa®. Participants will learn about earth mindfulness and wellness within an Aboriginal context, which also provides a much deeper understanding of the culture. Participants will also be taught how to practice Wayapa®.

Full Day Workshop ($3000+gst*)

Participants will spend the day immersed in the concepts of wellness, earth mindfulness and Wayapa®. By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to practice Wayapa® anywhere. This is an innovative workshop about creating holistic wellness.

Wayapa® Wuurrk Wellness, Culture & Team Building Day, Aboriginal Way ($4000+gst*)

This workshop is perfect for organisations wanting a fresh approach to training their staff about cultural awareness while also encouraging mind, body, spirit, earth well-being. This workshop not only supports Reconciliation Action Plans but participants will also have fun learning and leave feeling revitalised.

  • Cleansing Ceremony
  • Vibration raising exercises
  • Cultural immersion activities
  • Learn and practice Wayapa®
  • Interactive Cultural Team-Building
  • Learn about Indigenous language

*pricing may be dependent upon location

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