Postponed – Warida Wholistic Wellness Wellbeing Retreat, Gili Asahan, Indonesia @ Gili Asahan, Indonesia
Jun 2 @ 10:00 am – Jun 8 @ 9:00 am

This retreat has been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Wayapa Practitioner Bianca Stawiarski will be hosting this amazing retreat which will feature plenty of Wayapa!

Welcome to Warida Wholistic Wellness’s 2020 wellbeing retreat being held in an absolutely glorious eco-lodge on a beautiful island called Gili Asahan off the coast of south west Lombok, Indonesia. It is one of the least populated of the islands in the archipelago, which means RELAXING for you! There are also no cars or motorbikes on the island, which is a truly wonderful encouragement to further wind down. Gili Ashan has breathtaking displays of nature, both on land and underwater all easily accessible. It truly is an island paradise for anyone looking for a tranquil place to step away from the push and pull of daily life.

Bianca and Chris from Warida Wholistic Wellness stayed at the eco-lodge in December 2019 and immediately wanted to share this incredible part of the world and the deep sense of relaxation that can be found here. It has a unique style combining both simplicity and exceptional comfort from both the local and western world. Built in 2014, Gili Asahan Eco-Lodge and Restaurant founders state that it is “sure to liven your senses and freshen your perspective, with simplicity not meaning sacrifice”.

Contact us today for an PDF of all the information, including pricing and itinerary! In the meantime, watch our video to give you a taste of this amazing retreat!

Felicia Robey. Connection. Mind Body Spirit Earth @ Krishna Village
Oct 1 – Oct 5 all-day

Felicia Robey. Connection. Mind Body Soul Earth – this event was going to run in February but due to the bushfires it will now be held sometime in October with dates to be confirmed.

There has never been a more important time to develop rituals.
A daily practice of maintaining mental, emotional and physical health. Sadhana=daily spiritual practice done with heart. For you it may look like praying, journaling, meditating, connecting with your breathe, yoga asanas, walking. For someone else it may be collecting fresh flowers, herbs, veggies from the garden, cooking, a candle, repeating a mantra, cup of tea, dry brushing, self massage. It could be reading a book to your children and watching the moon with a cuddle each night, waking in the morning and feeding your pets, watering your plants. The spiritual path is individual.

Ayurveda- “science of life” uses Sadhana to bring peace, grounding, joy, connection, understanding and awareness and a much deeper, higher level of health- mental/emotional/physical and for the land.

On February 14th – 18th at the incredible @krishnavillage where I’ve literally seen lives changed, including my own @bhaktirose and I will be hosting our yearly Ayurveda Sadhana training and retreat for women. We share with you the teachings of Ayurveda, of yoga, of herbs, of life.

You will connect with other women and yourself, learn about who you are from an Ayurvedic perspective, be immersed in a community with beautiful fresh food served daily together. We will practice yoga, Wayapa, meditation, breath work. Discuss food, nutrition and cooking. Connect to ancestral lineage and Australias indigenous history. Daily rituals for optimum health. Hormones- the stages of a women’s life and our connection to the moon. Digestion and Detoxification. Ayurveda approach to individual health and your own personal constitution. Each day we meet and gather, sip homemade tea, share and discuss plus have quiet time so you can absorb and relax.

This is my 3rd offer of this training / retreat with @bhakti.rose and I can not explain how much I love it, how much I’ve witnessed women transform completely in days, how I’ve personally formed friendships and watched others do so for a year and counting afterwards. This is for all women- all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences. And now more than ever I believe these teachings, held in this place , together as women will transform. Contact for more details.