Steph May

“I was introduced to Wayapa last year and it made complete sense to me that we are guided by 60,000+ years of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in taking care of the Earth and ultimately ourselves! I was lucky to be part of the first cohort of Practitioners certified through the Diploma course. Wayapa speaks to me particularly in regards to us all being ”Indigenous to the planet”. I find this welcoming, uplifting, and generates for me a sense of togetherness and inter-connectivity that is key for us to be successful in looking after our beautiful planet and our collective and individual health and well-being.

I’m a non-Aboriginal person and my heritage is English. My family has been in Australia for a number of generations however every generation has also included migrants. I reflect on this in my Wayapa practice and the difference in how my own family has responded to our unique landscape in Southern Australia from finding it foreign and something to struggle with, to shifting to a much more harmonious approach to living with our environment. I am a mother and Wayapa also helps me reflect on how I’m raising my children and the kind of role model I am.

I’m really thankful that Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones have developed Wayapa and are offering us the opportunity to share it more broadly. What a great opportunity it provides us!”