Certified Wayapa

Are you looking for a Wayapa class or workshop in your local area?

This is a Directory of all Certified & Licensed Wayapa Practitioners (aka Wayapa Wuurrkers) offering a variety of Wayapa options in their local areas.

All of our deadly Wayapa Wuurrkers have:

  • Received a Diploma Qualification from us;
  • Have been licensed by us;
  • Must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct; and
  • Have their own insurance in place.


Alana Marsh

Website:  www.alalouie.net.au
Location: Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs


I was privileged to be part of the first group of Wayapa Wuurrkers that Jamie and Sara unfurled into the world. They were perfectly prepared for our group; sharing cultural, professional and Wayapa guidance with each session delivery.

I felt confident, excited and inspired throughout the process as they took care of us. I strongly feel their success is our success and vice versa, so it was the perfect learning environment. To top it off Jamie makes great power balls! So we were all blessed with the content, support, venue choice, cultural insights, cultural care and most importantly an authentic manifestation and recognition that we are all Indigenous to the planet. I also enjoyed getting to know the group, a diverse group of individuals, all united with a shared commitment to the Earth!

Highly recommended!

Allara Pattison

Email: allarabriggspattison@gmail.com
Phone: 0450 913 350


Stumbling across Wayapa was an exciting surprise. It is everything I’ve been talking about for the last few years.

I’m passionate about taking care of our land and encouraging other people to do the same, but for some people who are disconnected to nature, reconnecting them is the first priority, as well as everyone’s birthright. Wayapa allows me to share connection and protection of nature while also giving me the to opportunity to connect more with my own Aboriginal Yorta Yorta heritage while sharing aboriginal concepts of caring for nature with a wider community.

Jamie and Sara’s Wayapa Wuurrk Diploma course, left me feeling well prepared to share this practice with as many people as I can, all the while feeling extremely grounded and relaxed.

Chláir Weightman

Website: www.wellselves.com.au
Phone: 0412 667 636
Location: Essendon North, Melbourne


Being a clinical psychologist and mental health professional for over two and a half decades, I’d learned many healing, cultural and treatment modalities. While community-networked, directly supporting individuals professionally, something inexplicably bigger, had felt lacking. In Jamie’s beautiful country connections and stories, internal missing links emerged. A spirit of strong physical and emotional strength grew, in learning to practice the Wayapa life and earth connection.

Tapping into my own deep Irish lineage origins, guided by Jamie and Sara, I also found remarkable overlaps in all indigenous land, earth, water, animal and sky stories. Stunning bridges emerged in sharing ancient human Aboriginal Australian and Gael cultures.

These deepened my own intergenerational connections, with pre-historic Druidic tales, French cave painting rituals, Celtic legends and other older, European nature traditions. Ways all people with long family origins on land, once supported positive culture and all life, based in respect, were affirmed. Through Wayapa Wuurrk, I re-connected with nature and country and self-connected, with our truest, common human life necessities.

Exploring my own Wayapa with Jamie and Sara, was life uplifting and personal path re-affirming. I completely recommend the course to anyone looking to raise their own health, body and spirit, get closer to the natural world and more humbly embrace their personal and collective humanity.

Rowena Price

Facebook: Tunapri Connections
Email: tunapriconnections@outlook.com
Phone: 0457 313 522


My name’s Rowena Price and I’m a Yorta Yorta/Palawa woman.

Originally from Swan Hill, I have lived and worked in the Western suburbs of Melbourne since
2009. I’m a mum and a step mum to two amazing kids.

Over the years, for various reasons, I had become completely disconnected to
myself, country, culture and community. Both my mental and physical health were
in very bad shape. Wayapa has provided me with a holistic way of healing. It is
both simple and yet quite complex in its teachings and message.

Every time I deliver a workshop I am in awe of the learning I also receive from the
participants. I absolutely love being part of the Wayapa family.

Steph May

Website: www.stephmay.com.au
Email: stephjmay@gmail.com
Phone: 0419 527 255.
Location: Melbourne, Victoria


I was introduced to Wayapa last year and it made complete sense to me that we are guided by 60,000+ years of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom in taking care of the Earth and ultimately ourselves! I was lucky to be part of the first cohort of Practitioners certified through the Diploma course. Wayapa speaks to me particularly in regards to us all being ”Indigenous to the planet”. I find this welcoming, uplifting, and generates for me a sense of togetherness and inter-connectivity that is key for us to be successful in looking after our beautiful planet and our collective and individual health and well-being.

I’m a non-Aboriginal person and my heritage is English. My family has been in Australia for a number of generations however every generation has also included migrants. I reflect on this in my Wayapa practice and the difference in how my own family has responded to our unique landscape in Southern Australia from finding it foreign and something to struggle with, to shifting to a much more harmonious approach to living with our environment. I am a mother and Wayapa also helps me reflect on how I’m raising my children and the kind of role model I am.

I’m really thankful that Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones have developed Wayapa and are offering us the opportunity to share it more broadly. What a great opportunity it provides us!

Wendy Mayne

Email: wendy.j.mayne@hotmail.com 

Wendy is continuing to develop her Wayapa practice with friends and through learning about the knowledge that has kept Aboriginal people well and strong or thousands of generations. She hopes to share her practice more broadly later in the year.

Sonia Rowe

Grounded Mind Reconnection Therapies
Email: soniarowe1@gmail.com
Phone: 0447 984 315
Location: Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas but willing to travel.

New South Wales:

Priscilla Reid-Loynes

Website: coming soon!
Email: gunimaagi@gmail.com
Phone: 0431805795
Location: Cammeraygal Country, Sydney. Offering workshops for Sydney area, rural NSW and Victoria


The Wayapa wellbeing practice enriches all children, families and communities with an understanding of Gunditjmara and Gunai worldviews and is underpinned by the importance of an Earth connection.

As an education consultant, I am always looking to create the space for Aboriginal pedagogies and knowledge systems within education and the community. Wayapa workshops are holistic and shared through Aboriginal pedagogies of oral storytelling, songs and music, dance and movement and embraces arts-based storytelling.

The national educational framework and curriculum for primary and secondary schools both link to the core messages of Wayapa through the environmental, sustainability and wellbeing aspects. Within the early years settings Wayapa has a strong connection to the environment, communication, identity and wellbeing outcomes of the national framework. Wayapa invites and encourages all educational settings to engage with this unique Aboriginal practice which provides not only the important curriculum links but a strong wellbeing program for students, educators and communities.

As a Gomeroi Yularoi yinarr (woman) guided by the pedagogy of Gunimaa-gi (with the Earth), I am grateful to the Jamie and Sara for sharing Wayapa with me. It is through the practice of Wayapa that together we can provide all children, families and communities with a deeply beautiful and healing modality that strengthens everyone’s connection with the earth, Wayapa Wuurrk!


Mahdi Mason

Website: http://drmahdimason.com/
Email: mahdi.earthhealer@gmail.com
Phone: 0416 031 705
Location: Offering workshops for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


This (Wayapa Diploma Course) was the most fulfilling course I ever completed!

As a non-Indigenous Australian, I had always wanted to learn more about the culture and ways of life of the First Peoples of this land. More specifically, I wanted to know more about how the Traditional Custodians of our land lived in harmony with it. This course provided all that information and more. It instilled in me the wisdom of how to take care of Mother Nature, while also taking care of ourselves. Furthermore, it gave me the skills to go out and teach this to others.

Wayapa is a new way of life for me and I can’t wait to start helping others understand how amazing it is!

Western Australia:

Cindy Mathers

Email: cindy347@bigpond.com
Location: Broome


Days after completing the Wayapa Wuurrk training it is still hard to put into words the experience of being totally immersed in Wayapa for seven days with like minded souls. I am not Indigenous, however I have worked alongside many Indigenous colleagues in the health, education and training sectors, and I have a deep respect and love of Indigenous culture and wisdom. Wayapa training created the space for deep connection on a soul level and a celebration of oneness with all that is. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s stories and learn how to weave the elements of Wayapa into our lives and workshop delivery. It truly is a lifestyle modality promoting and fostering a deep connection to Earth, Mind, Body and Spirit.

I believe the world is ready to learn about and accept the deep wisdom of Aboriginal culture and knowledge that underpins Wayapa. It is an absolute honor to be a part of Wayapa and so much gratitude for Jamie and Sara for doing the hard yards to get it accredited and delivering the training in an intuitive and highly effective way. Native Americans talk about “Walking the Red Road” it is a road of balance and connection with nature, each other and spirit. I feel as I if I am travelling the Australian version of that – the “Wayapa Road”. I have a deep love for and connection to nature. Now, I have the teachings of Wayapa to connect me in deeper to the Australian landscape, elements, creatures and the ways of the longest living continuous culture on the planet.

I can’t wait to start delivering Wayapa Wuurrk Workshops as it is something I believe in with my whole heart and it will be a joy to share this Earth Connection and Wellbeing practice with others. I believe it will also promote a much better understanding of Indigenous culture in our country, which is long overdue. Much gratitude to the co-creators – Jamie and Sara.

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