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Wayapa: The Indigenous mindfulness exercise making environmental warriors By Kimberly Gillan

When it comes to improving sustainability, the last thing scientists are thinking about is meditation and movement. But Wayapa, a new Indigenous mindfulness modality that focuses on our connection to the earth, is creating a tribe of zen eco warriors.


Reviews — Posted 23/06/16

Based on traditional Aboriginal teachings, a new wellbeing practice encourages a calming connection with the earth, body and spirit.

The flowing practice of Wayapa is both new and over 80,000 years in the making. Based on traditional Aboriginal knowledge and concepts, the practice blends meditation and movement in a sequence of exercises similar to yoga or tai chi.

Participants are encouraged to breathe deeply and feel a connection to the earth as they move through a series of 14 exercises based on elements such as the sun, the wind and the rain.

Designed to nourish the mind, body and spirit, Wayapa was created by Jamie Thomas, whose work in the community has established him as a cultural teacher for his Peek Whurrung (Gunditjmara) and Gunnai people.

“Wayapa shares and teaches an Indigenous way of thinking that kept Aboriginal people healthy and well for over 80,000 years,” he says. “It has been developed for a modern day context that focuses on healing the earth as the starting point for healing ourselves.”

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