Joanne Fox

I felt very honoured to be included in the Wayapa Practitioners Course held last year. What an amazing insight into not only Aboriginal spirituality and connection to country, but a truly inspiring look at who we all are as human beings and that at some point in history everyone’s ancestors were hunters and gatherers who cherished and cared for the planet; for without a healthy planet none of us will survive. Jamie and Sara’s insights into the connection everyone has to mother earth was a revelation. It is up to all of us to be more mindful of how we live, what we throw away or consume.

As I work in an organisation that provides services for families who have been impacted by Family Violence, I will utilise Wayapa in programs to assist people to rebuild or establish broken connections between each other and mother earth.

I highly recommend the Wayapa Practitioners Diploma Course for anyone who is searching for their own spiritual link to our natural environment.