Wayapa® Practitioner
Diploma Course

Do you want to become a Wayapa® Wuurrker®?

The June Wayapa® Practitioners Diploma Course is Full!

Enrolment is now open for our next Wayapa® Practitioners Diploma Course being held in Melbourne
November 19th to 25th!

We are also exploring running a Diploma Course in Sydney or Adelaide before the end of the year so email us on info@wayapawuurrk.com to express your interest.

There is a maximum of 10 places for the course!

It has been 80,000 years in the making to create an Accredited Diploma Course that combines ancient Indigenous knowledge and concepts into a modern-day Practice that will ReConnect people back into the Earth, to heal the planet and in doing so, heal themselves and others. And YOU can be one of the very first Practitioners to be trained to deliver Wayapa®!

Wayapa® isn’t just a certified Wellness Modality that people can practice once a day, Wayapa® is a Lifestyle. It is about developing a relationship with nature to create Earth Mind Body Spirit benefits to keep the planet and us Well and Healthy.

How do we know this works? Because it is based on the ancient knowledge of the world’s oldest living people!

It is time for us to join together to spread the message of how to be Wayapa®!

Connect To The Earth

Connect To Spirit

Connect To Self

This was the most fulfilling course I ever completed!

As a non-Indigenous Australian, I had always wanted to learn more about the culture and ways of life of the First Peoples of this land. More specifically, I wanted to know more about how the Traditional Custodians of our land lived in harmony with it.

This course provided all that information and more. It instilled in me the wisdom of how to take care of Mother Nature, while also taking care of ourselves. Furthermore, it gave me the skills to go out and teach this to others.

Wayapa® is a new way of life for me and I can’t wait to start helping others understand how amazing it is!

Dr Mahdi Mason

  • Earth Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement interests you
  • You want to help heal the planet & people
  • You think it’s time to start listening to Indigenous knowledge
  • You are interested in becoming a part of the growing Global Wellness Industry

This Accredited Diploma Course is perfect for you if:

Details of the Live Training

The Wayapa® Practitioner Diploma Course is a 7 Day, accredited, live training program which, once successfully completed, will qualify an individual to deliver Wayapa® Workshops.


Monday 19th to Sunday 25th of November 2018
*Attending all 7 Days of the Course is part of the assessment criteria to receiving a Diploma.

Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm with a 45 minute lunch break
Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 5pm with a 45 minute lunch break

The Diploma Course will be run in Melbourne at Bunjilaka @ Melbourne Museum. This is a great cultural venue set within the Carlton Gardens and with easy access to all forms of public transport including being close to Parliament Station on the City Loop. There are also car parks close by, lots of cafes and heaps of accommodation options for regional and interstate participants.

Who Can Enrol:
You must be at least 18 years old to enrol.

We encourage Indigenous & non-Indigenous people to enrol.

*We always advise people practice Wayapa® to their own capacity.


$3500+GST for an individual to enrol

$4000+GST for an organisation to enrol an employee

Payment options are through PayPal (credit card and bank transfer) or a PayPal 6 Month Payment Option. An invoice can also be organised for a direct bank transfer.

The Founder of Wayapa®, Jamie Thomas will deliver the training with the support of Sara Jones, Co-Founder & Director of Wayapa® Wuurrk.

Course Format:
In keeping with traditional Indigenous teaching, the format of the Course will be based on experiential, interactive and hands-on learning.

From Monday to Friday, participants will be immersed in learning the philosophies, concepts, knowledge and elements of Wayapa® as well as learning how to teach Wayapa® as a physical practice and as a visualisation.

On Saturday and Sunday, each participant will be required to deliver the Introduction to Wayapa® Workshop to the rest of the group as part of the assessment criteria.

Course Requirements:
To be deemed competent and qualified by Jamie & Sara at the end of the 7 Day Live Training Course, every participant will be required to have attended each day of the Course and satisfactorily delivered the Introduction to Wayapa® Workshop to the group.

Wayapa® is the only known Indigenous Wellness & Earth Connection Practice within Australia that is certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and this is the only accredited course of its kind world-wide.

Once participants have completed the relevant training, have been deemed competent and been awarded their Diploma, participants will be eligible to be granted a licence to use Wayapa® Wuurrk’s logo and branding. All Graduates must sign the licencing agreement, which includes a Code of Conduct, to be able to deliver Wayapa®.

Once you have successfully completed the accredited Wayapa® Practitioner Diploma Course, you will receive ALL of these benefits:

  • Be amongst the first Wayapa® Accredited Practitioners in the World to be trained to deliver Wayapa®
  • Be eligible to be licensed to deliver Wayapa® Workshops
  • Be eligible to be licensed to use the Wayapa® Wuurrk Logo & Branding
  • Receive ongoing mentoring and support plus be invited to part of a private Facebook Group
  • Be eligible to be a part of the Directory of Certified Wayapa® Practitioners on the Wayapa® Wuurrk Website
  • Reap the benefits of Wayapa® Wuurrk marketing Wayapa® to the world to create even more demand for it
  • Be able to purchase Wayapa® merchandise at wholesale rates to on-sell to your clients
  • Be eligible for further Wayapa® accredited training and exclusive retreats with Wayapa® Wuurrk
  • Be eligible to apply to be a Certified Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and apply for insurance

To be licensed to use the Wayapa® Wuurrk logo and branding, each Graduate will be required to sign a licensing agreement that not only protects the integrity of Wayapa® but every Wayapa® Practitioner’s investment.

Only Wayapa® Wuurrk P/L can accredit and certify Wayapa® Practitioners.

The Wayapa® Practitioner Diploma Course is a very special opportunity for you to be a part of this exciting new Movement that is going to change the world!

There are only 10 places for each Diploma Course so make sure you enrol today for the November 2018 Course!

Your Investment

$3500+gst for individual enrolment

6 payments of $585+gst for individual payment plan

$4000+gst for organisation’s to enrol an employee

The payment options available for enrolment in the Course are:

– PayPal Direct Bank Transfer (contact us for details)
– PayPal using a Credit Card
– PayPal 6 Month Payment Plan Option