Chláir Weightman

“Being a clinical psychologist and mental health professional for over two and a half decades, I’d learned many healing, cultural and treatment modalities. While community-networked, directly supporting individuals professionally, something inexplicably bigger, had felt lacking. In Jamie’s beautiful country connections and stories, internal missing links emerged. A spirit of strong physical and emotional strength grew, in learning to practice the Wayapa life and earth connection.
Tapping into my own deep Irish lineage origins, guided by Jamie and Sara, I also found remarkable overlaps in all indigenous land, earth, water, animal and sky stories. Stunning bridges emerged in sharing ancient human Aboriginal Australian and Gael cultures.
These deepened my own intergenerational connections, with pre-historic Druidic tales, French cave painting rituals, Celtic legends and other older, European nature traditions. Ways all people with long family origins on land, once supported positive culture and all life, based in respect, were affirmed. Through Wayapa Wuurrk, I re-connected with nature and country and self-connected, with our truest, common human life necessities.
Exploring my own Wayapa with Jamie and Sara, was life uplifting and personal path re-affirming. I completely recommend the course to anyone looking to raise their own health, body and spirit, get closer to the natural world and more humbly embrace their personal and collective humanity.”