Cindy Mathers

Days after completing the Wayapa Wuurrk training it is still hard to put into words the experience of being totally immersed in Wayapa for seven days with like minded souls. I am not Indigenous, however I have worked alongside many Indigenous colleagues in the health, education and training sectors, and I have a deep respect and love of Indigenous culture and wisdom. Wayapa training created the space for deep connection on a soul level and a celebration of oneness with all that is. It was wonderful to hear everyone’s stories and learn how to weave the elements of Wayapa into our lives and workshop delivery. It truly is a lifestyle modality promoting and fostering a deep connection to Earth, Mind, Body and Spirit.


I believe the world is ready to learn about and accept the deep wisdom of Aboriginal culture and knowledge that underpins Wayapa. It is an absolute honor to be a part of Wayapa and so much gratitude for Jamie and Sara for doing the hard yards to get it accredited and delivering the training in an intuitive and highly effective way. Native Americans talk about “Walking the Red Road” it is a road of balance and connection with nature, each other and spirit. I feel as I if I am travelling the Australian version of that – the “Wayapa Road”. I have a deep love for and connection to nature. Now, I have the teachings of Wayapa to connect me in deeper to the Australian landscape, elements, creatures and the ways of the longest living continuous culture on the planet.


I can’t wait to start delivering Wayapa Wuurrk Workshops as it is something I believe in with my whole heart and it will be a joy to share this Earth Connection and Wellbeing practice with others. I believe it will also promote a much better understanding of Indigenous culture in our country, which is long overdue. Much gratitude to the co-creators – Jamie and Sara.